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Why Do Twitter and Twitter Influencers Still Matter?

A single tweet has the capacity to shake the economy.

You don’t believe us?

Ask the followers of Elon Musk on Twitter!

Even his random tweets on Bitcoin and Dogecoin decide the crypto value for that day.

The social platform Twitter with its TWEET feature has enthralled audiences far and wide.

A star-studded selfie taken by the popular chat show host Ellen DeGeneres during the 2014 Academy Awards ceremony is the most popular Twitter post with over 3 million retweets.

In 2019, Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa offered 1 million yen to randomly selected 100 people who retweeted his message and followed his account. His post was retweeted 4.4 million times.

Why does a single tweet cause the world to sit up and take notice?

Because it is the world of social media and its influencers!

There is no doubt that the young generation today is hooked on their mobiles. From Instagram to Facebook, from YouTube to TikTok, social media platforms have caused a stir.

While the other platforms being popular for videos and image content, Twitter’s rise to popularity has been its 280-character text format.

Yes, the powerful tweet! Today’s generation wants things fast and this tweet format gels perfectly with them.

With influencers endorsing brands on every social media platform, Twitter too has its share of influencers who inspire their followers and get the sales coming.

Why do Twitter and Twitter influencers still matter?

The way of endorsing products has evolved with social media. Influencers effectively use the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Twitter influencers get this trick done with their tweets. The sharing of tweets, also known as retweets, sets the ball rolling and gets much-needed traction for the brands.

  • Twitter helps businesses to improve brand awareness

It doesn’t take time for a post to be viral. Similarly, it doesn’t take time for a tweet to get maximum retweets.

20% of the internet users in the US access Twitter every month. Also, with 47 million accounts, the US has the majority of Twitter users.

Brands can easily utilize the reach of Twitter to endorse products to their target audience through influencers.

Actors, musicians, and sportspersons are the Twitter influencers with the highest followers and broad reach. But the micro-influencers in niche categories have the highest engagement rates. These are the catch for brands. Moreover, the micro-influencers are well within the marketing spend of companies and they get the real sales.

When looking for influencers, brands need to focus on relevancy and not the follower count. The engagement will automatically follow.

Hire Twitter influencers who create content to resonate with the brand’s audience. It is these creators who bring tangible measurable results.

When brands tap into the niche market and hire young, credible and the most relevant Twitter influencers for endorsements, they start to gain traction in brand awareness and product sales.

  • Twitter influencers bring value to the brand

The tweets by influencers have an enormous impact on the attitudes of consumers. The followers of Twitter influencers are not only loyal but also share product recommendations through retweets.

Brands need to just hire the right Twitter influencer to do their job. The influencers in niche categories drastically improve engagement rates. Tweets by influencers have a better effect on the purchase and recall intent than the traditional digital ad formats.

Twitter influencers have a direct impact on the brand metrics like awareness, favorability, purchase intent and value of the brand. Influencers help in educating the audiences about your brand and deliver content that inspires them to go for the purchase.

With the power of Twitter influencers, brands can establish a strong value and position it as the audience’s choice.

  • Recommendations by Twitter influencers gets sales

Real-time conversations on Twitter give influencers the power to convey the brand message across to their followers in the right way.

A creative tweet accompanied by an image or video by a Twitter influencer exposes the brand to millions. It lifts the purchase intent of the people who participate in the influencer tweet.

Pairing both the brand and the influencer tweet maximizes the campaign impact. Engaging the brand as much as the influencer tweet and inviting others to join in has a positive impact on the brand sales funnel.

  • It builds brand loyalty

Brands hinge on the trust placed by the followers on their influencers. When looking for product recommendations, a large number of Twitter users rely on the influencers more than their friends.

Endorsing the brand through a Twitter influencer creates a sense of credibility. It gives a perception that the influencer knows the brand, believes in it and hence is promoting it.

Brands capitalize on this sentiment value to get new followers, build loyalty and generate sales for their products.

How to find influencers on Twitter?

Agreed, influencers can help in uplifting the brand value, but finding the right Twitter influencers for the brand can be tricky.

In fact, more than 70% of the brands find it challenging to pick the right influencers.

First, brands need to identify and study relevant hashtags.

Next, they have to find influencers who use these hashtags often.

Then the brands study these Twitter influencers and see how much of an engagement rate they command.

Seems challenging isn’t it? Is there any easy way to find the right Twitter influencers?

Yes! QuikPlace is an influencer marketing platform to hire Twitter influencers perfect for your brand. You can search from a vast repository of Twitter influencers.

You can also make the Twitter influencers come to you. All you have to do is specify what your brand is all about. Influencers who can convey your brand message to their followers will collaborate with you.

QuikPlace is a one-stop shop for all your branding on Twitter!

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Do Twitter and Twitter influencers still matter? Yes, in a big way. The power of Twitter is such. Twitter influencers help in brand awareness and direct sales for your business. There is no denying this fact.