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What are the Top 5 Packaging Trends in 2021?

Packaging is popular in the market because of its durable characteristics. Different materials are used in its manufacturing. Most commonly used materials include cardboard, bux board, Kraft, and corrugated cardstock. There are different types of packages for all kinds of products. Many customization choices are available for boxes. Printing technologies increase the aesthetics of packages. Digital, screen, and offset methods are common in use. Matte, spot UV, and gloss are different finishing techniques to give them a nicer finish. Embossing helps in giving an expensive touch to the packages. Lamination increases the ability to resist dust particles and oil stains.

The purpose of boxes is to keep the products safe. Products are prone to damage during handling, storage, and transportation. Manufacturers are aware of this issue. They make the latest packages to keep the integrity of the product intact. Companies use boxes with unique features to make their products stand out among others. Read this article to know more about the top trends in 2021.

1.     Die-Cut Window

Customized packaging boxes with a die-cut window increase the excitement of the customers. Many companies and brands are using this trend to grab the attention of their target audience. It is one of the top trends in the industry these days. Food chains and bakeries are using this trend to enhance the temptation. When customers can see the inside of the boxes, their satisfaction increases. They like to know what is inside the packages. People like to spend money on things they can see before buying. The die-cut window usually has creative displays. When your products are present on the shelves with a die-cut window, their attraction increases.

Customer’s eyes are always looking for new things. Dull, boring, and old patterns do not make enough sales. An important advantage of the die-cut window package is the low rates of delivery. Less material is used in their manufacturing. They are easily available online at affordable rates. Sometimes manufacturers even provide free delivery as well. Companies use them to add extra visibility to their products. They are environment friendly as well. Your brand image will improve in the market.

2.      Gable Boxes

Custom packaging wholesale is available in the market at reasonable prices. The addition of gable packages has changed the direction of the industry. They have many advantages. Brands use them to gain maximum profit. Their shape is quite attractive. They are easy to carry. Kraft is the main ingredient in their composition. There are multiple customization options available for them. They have unique designs and themes. You can also add the logo of your brand to increase brand awareness. They have a handle on top of them. This handle makes them easy to carry. People love this as it gives them a chance to easily deliver them around. Easy printing of the logo is available for these packages.

There are many ways to decorate them as well. Labels and instructions are also written on them. This helps the customer to contact your brand if there is any problem. It will also increase the trust of the customer in your services. Candies, bakery items, and cookies are preferred to store in them. Companies also use them as favor boxes in weddings ceremonies or birthday parties.

3.      Handle Boxes

Custom packaging boxes with logos are becoming a new trend in the market. Handle packages are the best ones to use for this purpose. The handles are present to make them more comfortable to carry. This is the best feature. They are used for many different purposes. Companies use them to carry food and baked goods in them. Their size, shapes, and style are unique. When present on the shelves they increase the interest of customers in your products. They have extraordinary color schemes and themes to attract consumers.

4.      Sleeve Boxes

Customized packaging boxes with sleeves are the most trending packages these days. The sleeves protect the products on a premium level. They represent your products beautifully in the market. Outclass designs and themes are available for them. Sleeves are acting as a protective casing for your products. Customers love to buy them because of the maximum protection they provide. Your products fit right into them. They have a vast customization range as well. From the shapes and sizes, even their color schemes can be customized. 

Macrons are best presented by keeping them in these boxes. They are easily accessible. Their rates are affordable. Small businesses and start-ups are using them to gain maximum profit. They have high-quality production. Cosmetic products such as makeup-related products with innovative packages have more chances of grabbing the attraction of customers. They are stylish, and they look striking. Description and details of the products help in gaining the trust of the customers.

5.      Round Boxes

Custom packaging wholesale is an affordable option for companies. Round packages are strong and durable. They have high-quality material in their composition. The attractive round shape is important for many products. Products such as candles need these packages for a perfect fitting. Many brands are using them for their durable, flexible, and strong material. The grace of the packages is increased by using finishing methods. Gloss, matte, and spot UV are famous finishing methods. They increase the ability of the package to resist the changes in the external environment. They have a simple and minimalistic approach to designing. This factor makes them the suitable option for sending them as a gift to business clients.


Packaging is necessary for making your products look distinctive, among others. There are many trending types of them. Handle, gable, and round shapes are the most famous ones. Die-cut window and sleeve customization are becoming an innovative way of promoting your products. They have exclusive designs, and they are comfortable to use and carry. Companies are using them to get maximum profit. These trends are helping small businesses to gain maximum reach.