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Weather Apps Free Download for Android Mobiles

To perform different tasks in society, we have to keep an eye on the weather updates. To get the latest weather updates, we can use smartphones. We can find various apps and widgets on smartphones. These apps and widgets are providing the correct information about the weather. Moreover, these apps and widgets are steadily improving day by day. Nowadays, we can find tons of options in these apps and widgets. After getting accurate information about the weather, we can make plans accordingly. Here at Feed Her to The Shakr, we will discuss the best weather apps free to download for android mobiles.

Weather Apps Free Download:


If you are looking for the best app based on functionality and correct weather forecasting, AccuWeather is one of the best weather apps free to download for android mobiles. Based on its high functionality, you can easily include the weather updates on your mobile screen. Here, you will also find the AccuWeather MinuteCast feature. By using this feature, you can get a minute-by-minute update of the weather. It means that you will know when rain or snow will start. It will also provide the correct information about the thunderstorm, winter storm and some other kinds of severe weather conditions. If you want to get information about the oncoming doom, you can enable its push notifications. It will also send instant Twitter alerts to the users.

Today Weather:

It is also one of the beautiful and elegant weather apps free to download for android devices. After installing this app, you can get the weather information in a clean format. After getting information in a clean format, you can easily read and understand this information. Here, you will get access to some important types of data about weather. For example, you can get information about temperature, humidity and visibility etc. The users may also get information about dew point and pressure. You can get the hourly forecast for the next 24 hours. Anyhow, it can also provide daily updates for the next 10 days. It is also providing the correct information to the users about air quality, wind and moon times. If you want to get access to weather maps, you will have to buy its premium plan.


If you are looking for an appealing app for weather forecasting, 1Weather is one of the best weather apps free to download for android devices. When you will share your location data with this app, you may get accurate updates about the weather. When you will open this app, it will show some weather facts. You may not find this kind of feature on other weather apps free to download for android devices. If we talk about its interface, it will show all the information on the top of the screen. Anyhow, it will also place some ads. Here, you will also find different tabs. To get the required information, you can easily swipe between these tabs. When you will scroll down this app, you may get 1Weather Shorts. Here, you will find short videos about the major weather events.

Appy Weather:

Recommended by a dissertation writing firm, it is one of the newest weather apps free to download on this list. This app is offering a bunch of features to the users. Among these features, some features are common with other apps. Anyhow, it is also offering some unique features to the users. For example, you can use this app to get a personalized feed. The users may also enjoy its fun and fashionable user experience. You can also use this app to gather hyper-local information about the weather. To provide the correct weather information, it is providing Dark Sky’s API. Anyhow, they will also include some essential features in the future. Instead of some bugs, it is still a handy and a go-to option for many developers. If you want to enjoy its features, you can easily download this app from the Google Play Store.

Acrus Weather:

Sometimes, you may be looking for super simplistic apps for weather forecasting. Under such a situation, Acrus Weather is one of the best weather apps free to download. When you will look at the layout of this app, you will find that it will not provide a visually stunning experience. Anyhow, it will keep the information in an easy to read format. That’s why this app will seem appealing to the viewers. When you will forecast the weather by using this app, it will provide the hourly forecast in the form of sentences. By reading these sentences, you can get a clear overview of weather forecasting. Moreover, you can also turn on the severe weather alerts by using this app.

Weather Bug:

The PC users are well aware of Weather Bug. Its reason is that it has remained the best app for weather forecasting on PCs. Nowadays, they have also introduced an android app. Weather Bug has become one of the best weather apps free to download for android mobiles. Due to its colourful features, this app is getting fame among android mobile users. Moreover, it is also providing fast information to internet users. They are claiming that they have the world’s largest collection of lightning sensors. By using these lightning sensors, you can provide accurate weather forecasting to the users. Moreover, it is also providing the fastest severe weather alerts to the users. You can also gather information about the storm. You will know when it will start and when it will end.


Nowadays, we can’t deny the ubiquity of smartphones. Due to their ubiquitous, we can easily use these apps for weather forecasting. No doubt, we can still watch the weather forecasting on the TV. Anyhow, if we want a meteorologist in our hands, we should download weather apps free on android mobiles. When you will download weather forecasting apps on your android mobile, you can enjoy a bunch of features. For example, you can get information about rain. You can also get information about the storm. The users can also use these apps to get severe weather alerts. These apps can also provide information about hourly and daily weather updates.