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Ways Group Study Helps Students

Students, especially those who had lived hostel life must remember the joy and fun of group study. It seems a very usual thing but the students who have experienced it, know its importance. When students do group studies then along with joy and fun, they keep on memorizing a lot of study material in group discussion, and during comparison of notes they come across some very good data which enhances their treasure of knowledge regarding certain subjects.

In a group study, one can’t resist joining the session on time due to laziness or any other reason. Being in self-study no one is watching you while studying or watching TV or sleeping. But in a group study, your peer group compels you to focus on a topic as everyone is giving their time and concentration. Here LMS and ERP also help the students a lot.


This is a very funny and exciting way to learn and the most tremendous thing about this kind of study is that students memorize the topics very easily as compared to the teaching of any lecturer. When students study in a small group of their peers where they all share their opinions on a topic and try to make it understood in the easiest way, this process is called Group Study.

This particular class usually contains students of the same class and most the peer groups who spend time together and have a better understanding of each other. Being in any study group it is necessary for the participants to make a plan of action and study accordingly. They need to decide on one topic daily and all students should read, research, and understand that topic and share their opinions on it so that the easiest way to understand that topic can be found.

LMS and ERP both accept this theory that students being in a very innovative state of mind while they study in groups, they develop their own techniques to memorize and study the topics and subjects. For example, if the topic is very lengthy and there are a lot of headings in it then they make an abbreviation with the first alphabet of each heading and memorize it with the help of each alphabet initial of headings in the topic they remember the whole topic in the exam.

This is not a discovery made by any scientist but just a small invention of the simple student mind to make study easy. So, in a group study of a peer group a student comes across unique tricks also which make their task of studying easy. Most of the time students use group study for a very beneficial way like when they get any assignment from the college or school, all the group members divide the assignment to each other in parts and prepare the assignment with less effort and in less time but in an efficient way than other classmates.

The most important and foremost step in forming a group for group study is to decide the number of peers and friends who can be included into this new group for study.  This is a very important and grave decision because if a smaller number of participants will be there then less opinions will be there on any topic and if the number of participants will be more than enough then there will be confusion at every step. Moreover, time management becomes a crucial topic for a group full of many members. Hence, 5-6 persons in a group is enough for an efficient group study. The second step while creating a group for group study is to decide who will be included and who will be excluded.

This is a very tough decision to make because it can hurt the ego of those who will be excluded. Apart from that it is also very important that participants should be chosen wisely because if a very intelligent person is there, then he will dominate others and if a very weak person is there then he will be of no use. The group should take care of the learning needs of every group member and no one should be on priority but everyone should have the right to discuss his or her own view. Doing practice continuously with a peer group also enhances your skills as a person. While practicing the same topic you don’t only understand it but also you get such expertise and command on it that you can even teach it to the body and also can give a presentation in front of any faculty or person.