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Top Reasons Why Athletes opt for Sports Massage

Helps in Making Your Muscles More Flexible & Mobile

Brassy training can greatly make your muscles tough and tight which can lead to incorrect stretching of the soft tissues. Sports massage is a special kind of massage that incorporates the technique of myofascial to help the body relax. Unlike other types of massages, sports massage using myofascial release helps in aiding recovery. It helps in making your muscles more flexible and mobile as they target the ligaments, fascia and tendons alike.

Eases Sticky Bones

Sometimes, because of overtraining, muscle fibers can become adhered to one another. The fibers can even stick with their neighbouring connective tissues as well as bones which causes a restriction in mobility. However, with the help of a sports massage, using muscle manipulation techniques, the therapist can help in separating these muscle fibers.

As sports massage therapists are medical professionals, they are well aware of your body’s anatomy. With a solid understanding of the body’s makeup, they can easily identify abnormalities and help in curing them.

Enhances the Flow of Blood & Nutrients

The relaxing long strokes that the therapists apply during a sports massage helps in enhancing the circulation of blood and nutrients around the body. A stimulation in circulation also leads to a stimulated lymphatic system which ultimately leads to improved recovery time as well as helps in preventing edema and lymphedema.

Helps in Ejecting Metabolic Waste

Although the main purpose of massage therapy is to realign, soothe and relax the muscles, the technique used for doing sports massage has other benefits as well. Sports massage also helps in flushing out metabolic wastes and toxins from the body. These neuromuscular techniques help in getting rid of harmful materials from the body. When you’re getting a sports massage, the pressure being applied on your body encourages circulation which ultimately leads to flushing out toxins.

Pain Reduction

Regular involvement in strenuous physical activities can tire down your muscles. By getting a sports massage, you can easily remove the pressure build-up inside your body as a result of congestion and metabolic irritation. Sports massage helps in the stimulation of endorphins that makes your body relax and alleviates the pain.

Pacifies the Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness

DOMS or the delayed onset of muscle soreness is a common muscular discomfort that athletes face after a day or two following a training session. With the help of a  sports massage, one can readily decrease the signs of DOMS and prevents muscle fatigue. The squeezing and pumping actions during a sports massage promote blood and lymph flow throughout the body which helps in preventing DOMS.     

Boosts Performance

More oxygen flowing into the muscles is healthy for their growth. Through sports massage, the amount of oxygen your muscles generally receive increases and as a result, your performance also enhances. Because of this performance-boosting effect of the sports massage, getting it before any big game is essential within the sporting world. This is why professional therapists accompany teams on foreign tours and big-ticket tournaments. 

Provides Relaxation

Sports massage is said to stimulate mechanoreceptors and as the massage progresses, your body gets relaxed. Basically, by stimulating the mechanoreceptors, endorphins are released in the body which causes relaxation by alleviating your mood, de-stressing your body, and lowering anxiety. Sports massage experts also make use of some of the Swedish massage techniques. Therefore, using a series of long gliding strokes, it helps to relax the body by soothing the aching muscles.

There you have it! These are some of the major reasons why athletes get sports massages. If you also intend to get them, make sure you have selected the best physiotherapy center in your area.