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Top Creative Things to Do on Father’s Day 2021

Celebrating Father’s Day is a meaningful gift for children to show their gratitude to their father. This day is both a day of bonding affection between family members and helping family members to love and understand each other better.

Around the world, Father’s Day often has many different celebrations depending on the country. Popular activities are usually held on Father’s Day such as parades, giving flowers, giving gifts, singing or having a cozy dinner with dad and participating in fun family activities.

How do countries around the world celebrate Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is still celebrated in America. All over the United States are holding festivals, big and small on this day. The most typical activity was the activities of children walking down the parade street, the jubilant trumpet flags expressing gratitude to the fathers under the proud eyes of the adult spectators.

How do countries around the world celebrate Father's Day

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In Italy, on Father’s Day, children often buy or make small gifts themselves to give to their father, or memorize poems, songs about their father or participate in theater of gratitude to fathers at school. learn.

In Germany, according to ancient tradition, on Father’s Day, groups of men often do a hiking tour with a small human-powered wagon called the Bollerwagen to celebrate. The wagon often contains a lot of wine or beer (by region) and traditional dishes of the region (Hausmannskost). This tradition is rooted in the procession of Christ to the agricultural regions celebrated in the 18th century, the man will sit in a wooden cart and go to the town square and the mayor will give the prize to fathers who have many children, the reward is usually a large piece of pork. However, to this day, this custom has gradually disappeared, instead, people often use the day as a short vacation to go on a picnic with their family. Besides, many men in Germany also often use this holiday to get drunk.

In Thailand, traditionally, Thais often celebrate Father’s Day by giving a Canna (ดอก พุทธรักษา) flower to their father or grandfather, since the Canna flower is considered a masculine flower. However, today, this custom is not practiced in common anymore. Also, on this holiday, Thais will often wear yellow to respect the king, because yellow is the color of Monday – the day when King Bhumibol Adulyadej was born.


In some other countries, Father’s Day is not as big as in the US or in some countries in Europe, but unique father’s day gifts to dad are also sold everywhere and the spirit of the holiday is also popular. media reminder.

Suggest meaningful activities to celebrate in Father’s Day

– Let’s enjoy the meal with dad

Remember how long it has been since you sit with your dad to eat and talk and share the joys and sorrows in your life? Perhaps for parents, being together with their children on the family tray is the most meaningful gift.


So, on Father’s Day, take a break from your life and spend some time with your father.

– Go out with Dad

Sometimes because he is so busy making a living, he forgets to take time to take care of himself, let’s go to the shopping malls, the cinema to change the wind, or maybe join in the activities that he likes like Go fishing, play soccer, golf, … Don’t forget to help your dad relax and laugh more.

– Gift handmade

Dad probably won’t need any expensive gifts from you. Think of the idea of ​​giving away items for yourself to make. A wool scarf, a family picture, a model of my favorite football player, … Maybe Dad will show off your very meaningful gift!

– Join family camping trip

As this happens on a Sunday, designing an outdoor camping trip would be the ideal activity for the whole family to spend great moments together. The camping trip is also an opportunity for three to show the role of “leader” for the children in the family.


This idea is suitable for families with large children. The games playing the role of a scout, lighting a campfire or exploring the forests around the campsite will make all three and children extremely excited.

– Watch sport matches

Nothing can connect three and children more than sports. Watching a basketball game, soccer game together or watching a sports tournament right on the field will bring a feeling of “explosion” to all participants.

– Visit a museum

In the family, a good father is often the one imparting knowledge to his children. A small “research” trip at the museum will help you and your baby explore extremely interesting things together. Remember to take many photos of this trip to look back in the future!

– Play bowling

Bowling is a great choice for the whole family. Even with a baby as young as 3.4 years old, this is still the ideal sport. Regardless of whether he is good at this subject or not, trying the ball lanes will still bring joyous laughs.

Above is information about Father’s Day that we want to share with you. Hope, the recent information is useful to you.