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Top 5 Education Marketing Strategies for 2021

Education Marketing came into the picture with the increased use of technology. As the world witnessed a global pandemic in 2020, education did not face a downfall, all thanks to technology. Teachers and students were able to continue their classes online. Resources were made available virtually for students to access them whenever in doubt.

More so, parents and guardians remained worry-free as a gap year could harm ones career to a greater extent. All of this was possible through education been made one tap away for anyone from anywhere. There was no more the need to pay visits to the library for borrowing a book or go outside for extra classes. It all became available right at our fingertips.

To make sure adequate and accurate educational content reaches the right audience, education marketing plays an important role.


What does educational content include?

Right from online courses and how-to sessions to books, research papers and software applications (desktop and mobile-friendly applications) – educational content includes just about everything.

Hence, an ideal education marketing strategy will spread across precise educational content to empower curious minds with knowledge and learning.


What will happen if education marketing doesn’t exist?

Private and public schools, coaching classes, private institutions and tuitions – almost all of them have come up with their personal applications or educational learning websites online. This has led to bombarding of information on the internet. While on one side, this is a boon to a person searching for resources online, the entire search result can be otherwise a bit too overwhelming.

With hundreds of search results and virtual platforms to visit, a person might find screening and choosing the video he/she was looking for difficult. It could be too daunting especially for students.

Hence, having the right education marketing strategy in place will lead to creating enough space for new content and concepts in the virtual world.


Curious learners will then be able to fill their hunger of learning new things by trying out only those courses they had been looking for. This will ensure they don’t lose their way somewhere in between and get distracted by certain information they were never looking for in the first place.

The right marketing strategy for education will help target people who are in need of that information.


5 Best Education Marketing Strategies for 2021

Social Media

The best and easiest way to tract correct audience to your page is through Social Media Platforms. Social media offers you with meaningful insights about visitors, customers along with your online presence through engagement, views, comments and more such information. This data will guide you immensely into observing which strategy works best for you and what needs more work.

Suppose uploading a video on your social media is bringing in more followers than usual, try incorporating more of valuable videos than images on your profile.


Desktop View and Mobile View

Any desktop website you create, make sure to invest thoroughly in mobile-friendly websites as well. Many a times, people prefer convenience over quality, allowing you to increase your audience reach. Hence, it is important that your website is highly mobile-friendly and doesn’t produce any glitch or lag when viewed through smartphones.


Video Postings

Not everybody prefers reading carousal posts and content that runs for pages. A blend of videos along with informative content will ensure your message gets delivered precisely and clearly. Leave no space for interpretations and make sure all the necessary information is present in the video.



People trust reviews and at least try to read as much as they can before enrolling

in an online course of investing in a particular class. So make it a point to ask your current users to leave a genuine feedback on your website.

After a user completes his or her course, you can ensure the person leaves an in-depth feedback regarding the same for new users to understand better.


Vocalize Benefits of E-Learning

With the virus and the pandemic, one thing is clear that life is uncertain. We all have realized that there are many things beyond our control and anything can happen at any point of time. Students’ education, people’s curiosities and latest happenings were always available through technology.

As you replace traditional education marketing with current education marketing strategies, ensure to boast about safety. E-learning is a boon when used wisely, however, there are high risks involved on the internet.

Hence, keep your learning and knowledge website a safe space to be at. Gain viewer’s trust by promoting online safety.

Hope this helps in your journey towards building end-to-end education marketing strategies.

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