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Top 10 Gardening Tools to Buy in 2021

Gardening is a very personal thing, and the accessories you carry for doing that job need to be just that. Personal.

This includes the color, shape, design, and other finer details that the said tool might come in. In essence, though, all tools mentioned below will have the same basic function, and yet, they are much more different in taste.

Many of the gardening tools that we will mention in this article are the usual ones that serve a specific purpose. These tools are regularly available at any UK store that can easily be bought by using a package forwarding service.

1. Gardening Gloves – We all want to touch the soil, feel the water and the seeds, and smell the manure – perhaps not!

As garden hobbyists, we like to touch and feel the planting process, but this strategy isn’t perfect. Even for the really old-fashioned gardeners out there, make sure to keep your hands fully covered by using good quality gardening gloves; otherwise, not only will you risk injuring your hand, you can contaminate your wounds as well.

2. Small Knife for the Container Gardener – Calling it a knife in search of a better word, the container gardener needs a small handy knife, preferably stainless steel, and slightly bent at the edges all around for easier digging of soil. It has no point in having it larger than 8 to 10 inches as most regular pots are far smaller in size.

3. Hand Pruners – No matter the size of your garden, if you have some plants, you will want to prune them from time to time. You might need to harvest fruits and vegetables, pruning old branches, 3g cuttings, cutting down rotten flowers, or simply clearing up an area – hand pruners are always a must for any garden.

4. Garden Wheelbarrow – If you have a slightly larger garden, it can even be a terrace garden – but if the size is big enough, then moving of manure, soil, and even pots from one side of the garden to the other will require some easy transport. There are many ways to get it done, but the best of which will surely involve a wheelbarrow. Preferably, this transport tool can have additional space and built-in organizers to keep your other tools, and it can even keep your phone safe.

5. Gardening seat or Kneeler with Wheels – Multipurpose tools makes things simple. You can have a wheelbarrow or a moving kart with seat attachments that will serve both purposes or, better yet, with more accessories that help organize your tools in it. In any case, a small little adjustable, and flexible seat is beneficial in gardening as one needs to settle down and dig and clean for long minutes at a stretch.

6. Hose and Sprayer – There are plenty of sprayers available in the market. A good one will contain a brass nozzle and have a few sprinkle options. It mostly fits into any regular garden hose, thus making life easier. Some plants need light spraying, especially the newly grown ones, and such sprayers really help in cases like these.

7. Watering Wand – For those of us who like to have hanging pots or wall-mounted pots or have a long tower of pots – for the creative gardener, a watering wand becomes a must-have. If you try to reach such heights with a flow of your regular garden hose, the mess in soil and water spilling is totally on the cards. In such a case, look for a handy watering wand.

8. Digging Fork – There are several reasons why a digging fork, especially with a long and sturdy handle, helps. You can perhaps remove or spread your compost, or perhaps you can make the soil loose and clear off unwanted roots. The reasons are many but having a digging fork really helps. Either this or you can opt for a rake which will pretty much work in the same way.

9. Garden Shovel – For the most average garden size, a shovel is a must. It helps in getting the soil, or even the compost moved quickly from one place to another. A few good scoops, and you are done. It helps in digging soil which quickly makes way for planting trees with ease.

10. Watering Can – Having a decent-sized watering can will make your life easier because you won’t have to run back to fill it up again and again. We need to water the plants or at least some of them more than others, as smaller plants or those in the pots will require more attention. Even if you have a hose, you still want to carry the can once or twice for watering very select plants. On the whole, a good watering can is a great substitute for garden hose, saves time, and, up to some extent – saves water too.

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, and the interest and the taste of a gardener are unique to him. This list of garden accessories can be beneficial for most gardeners as it covers a wide range of garden requirements.

Let this article brings the best out of you and cherishes the gardener inside so that you can grow more with convenience.