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These Birthday Cake Flavours are Absolute Cravers.

Birthdays are very special days of someone’s life, but they also are so much fun, with flowers, cakes, balloons, gifts, singing, dancing, food, drinks, decorations, people, and a very happy mood. Be it your birthday or someone else’s who’s close to you, you make sure that it turns out to be the best day ever. Birthdays mark the years of us growing up, birthdays mark the day we were born, and birthdays mark the level of life we reach with every passing year, and that’s why we are always so excited for birthdays. Ever since we were children, to grown-up adults now, the butterflies a birthday gives to us every year remains constant. People throw fancy parties, theme parties, trip parties, and all sorts of parties for their birthday to celebrate it in a unique way, however possible. In a world today where almost everything is stressful in a way, a birthday comes as a fairy and in no time changes the vibe of our being, as if everything was always happy and will always be happy. That’s the specialty of a birthday. It’s a very happy day. 


One of the most important things on a birthday is a birthday cake. What is a birthday without a cake? Boring! We look through various bakeries and mostly order cake online because there are so many options out there, and cake delivery services have made it super easy for us to choose the best cake for someone or ourselves. Cakes these days come in different flavors, more than there ever were. They come in numerous shapes, designs, and sizes. There is so much variety that we are almost nearly confused every time we have to select a cake. 

Not just cakes, we also use online gift delivery services or flower delivery services to ease out the task of throwing the perfect bash possible on a birthday. The distance across continents, states, cities, and countries has been shortened because of these amazing online delivery services. The best part is that they are on-point when getting things delivered at a particular place and at a precise time. Also, the quality is never compromised. 

Using cake and flower delivery in Hyderabad or using cake delivery in Holland it’s all possible, but have you ever gotten stuck on the thought of which flavor to pick for a birthday cake? Which flavor would most people like, and which cake would go perfectly with the occasion? These are some basic questions that cross our minds and are so confusing. But no worries, here’s a list of the best cake flavors perfect for a birthday. Start taking a note now!


Pretty Velvety:


Red velvet cakes are beautiful to look at. Plus, they taste amazing. Most people like red velvet cakes because of the perfect bread and cream ratio they are made of. Each slice showcases layers of red bread which is extremely tempting to the eyes and appeals to the taste buds. A red velvet cake would go as a birthday cake for almost anyone age and gender. 


Show the Rainbow:


Rainbow cakes are one of the most wonderful cakes ever to exist; birthdays are lucky that they get to celebrate themselves with a rainbow cake. Different colored layers, red, blue, yellow, green, red, purple, and more, are topped with the smoothest cream. Slicing through it displays the beautiful layers as if they came straight from the unicorn land. Every layer gives a different taste, which would make you smack your lips. 


Trust the Truffle:


Who on the earth isn’t a fan of chocolates? A chocolate truffle cake is one of the most loved cakes for birthdays. The solid cream on top and the softest bread layered with more chocolates below is nothing short of heaven. 


Say Cheese, please:


Cheesecakes are the oldest most modern kind of cakes that exist today, no bread, no cream, just a layer of fresh cream cheese on top of a delicious layer of crushed cookies or graham crackers. One bite of a cheesecake, and you’ll reach a stage of nirvana for sure. Cheesecakes come with different toppings, strawberries, blueberries, Nutella, chocolate, and many other things. 


These cakes scream a “happy birthday,” and there’s always a majority of people who like the flavor of these cakes, though cake flavors like pineapple and vanilla work too, but these have a different fan base. These cakes are so special that people consider them as ‘the’ gift for their birthday, their taste is to die for, their appearance is the prettiest of all, and the happy vibe that they have within spreads across the faces of all the people around it, and the one cutting it. Cakes are too underrated, and these are needed to remind people what cakes can do.