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The US will start rating the cybersecurity of IoT devices in 2023

Many US homes have smart home devices, which are convenient but not very safe. The US government is worried about the safety of IoT devices and smart homes.

The action was announced by the White House after they met with Google, Samsung, Amazon, and groups that make consumer products. The government was shown by Jessica Rosenworcel, Chris Inglis, and Anne Neuberger. The White House told NIST and the FCC to look into a pilot program for a cybersecurity label in 2021.

Not only is the safety of your home network at risk, but security flaws in the Internet of Things devices could affect the security of the internet as a whole. They can make it possible for cybercriminals to take control of devices, which they can then use to attack websites and services, including those run by the government, with distributed denial of service (DoS) attacks.

The US will start rating the cybersecurity of IoT devices in 2023

An attacker might spy on a neighborhood by infiltrating either gadget. The initiative will eventually include more IoT gadgets, even the smallest of which can allow hackers into your home network. Surely voice assistants will be on the roadmap—these gadgets are intended to key on specified wake phrases, but a severe security weakness may allow them to listen in on anything.

NIST and the FTC will come up with testing standards for smart home devices that will be used in the labeling program. Labels that are “globally recognized” are on the way. Labeled products will have evaluation criteria, data encryption and security, and protection from vulnerability thanks to a barcode.

The Final Word!

IoT and smart home safety concern the US government. IoT device security weaknesses could compromise internet security. More IoT devices—even the smallest—will be added to the project. Global labels are coming. Products will be evaluated, encrypted, and barcode-protected.

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