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The 6 Most Popular Foods in the World

1. Tofu

Tofu is a vegan cheese-like food created from coagulated soy milk. The coagulation process separates the yoghurt first from the whey, forming protein-packed soy curds that are kept in rectangular containers for later use.

Most tofu is created through coagulation, but how the curds are housed and rinsed impacts the texture. Solid and softer tofu differ in structure and use.

The 6 Most Popular Foods in the World

2. Ramen

The dish known as ramen is a type of noodle soup that was first introduced to Japan in 1910 by Chinese chefs who incorporated the noodles into a salty broth. The noodles’ dough, which was kneaded with salt to remineralize natural water, is called kansui, giving it a bright yellow color and making it more elastic than traditional Japanese noodles.

It was in the year 1958 that Nissin Foods launched the first-ever instant form of noodles with a dish made of broth named Chicken Ramen. The company got its name from the transliteration of a Chinese word for pulled noodles, which is lamian.

The 6 Most Popular Foods in the World

3. Burger

According to New York Times dining critic Dominique Westin, the burger evolved from the German Deutsches beefsteak. Many German immigrants arrived from Hamburg, hence the term “hamburger.”

Burgers are made using medium-rare seared beef patties, fresh, gently toasted buns, onion slices, and ketchup or Dijon mustard. Mrs. Sheraton says salad leaves and tomatoes make the meat chilly.

The 6 Most Popular Foods in the World

4. Pizza

How you define this household name affects its origin story. Pizza was originally a Middle Eastern flatbread. If toppings are required for pizza, their roots can be traced back to the time of the Romans or Greeks, who made flatbreads and covered them with spices and olive oil that was readily available in their respective regions.

Pizza featuring sauce, cheese, and toppings came from Italy. It was a cheap, healthy diet for peasants in 18th-century Naples. Modern pizza originated from lard, salt, and garlic-topped Neapolitan flatbreads.

The 6 Most Popular Foods in the World

5. Tacos

Tacos date back to the 18th-century Mexican silver mines when the phrase referred to explosives wrapped in paper and loaded into rocks. Tacos de minero were used to mine precious minerals. Today, the name refers to the most well-known local and fast food item in Mexico: thin, flat tortillas cooked on a grill grate and topped with fillings. They are eaten with your hands.

There are an endless number of taco varieties. In Sonora, northwest of Mexico, they consume thinly sliced, grilled beef served with chili, shallots, avocados, and a lemon wedge.

The 6 Most Popular Foods in the World

6. Tortilla

The tortilla, which was initially a corn pancake, is a staple in Mexican cuisine and has been for centuries. Corn, a food that was common in indigenous diets, was used to make the first tortillas.

The indigenous Olmec utilized it as a staple food, storing maize kernels until they could be ground into masa and rolled into balls to be flattened by hand into the ubiquitous, round, paper-thin tortilla. Some native Indian communities continue this centuries-old practice, and their members undergo extensive training to master the art of manufacturing genuine tortillas.

The 6 Most Popular Foods in the World

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