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Rules of Body Alignment While Practicing Yoga

Anyone can practice yoga. However, the quest is to stay injury-free. That is where plenty of yoga practitioners fail. Anything could be responsible for it. To ensure you don’t go through the same, you must learn about body alignment. There are a few rules of body alignment that you need to know.

All the body alignment rules should be kept in mind while practicing yoga or doing any other physical exercise. So, go through the following points to boost your knowledge. With that, you can stay away from injuries and accidents. Keep reading.

Rules of Body Alignment While Practicing Yoga

Body Alignment Rules For Yoga Practice

No Rounding of Spine

The spine consists of smaller joints. One joint is attached to the other perfectly. When you bend forward or get up, your back rounds. In that position, the smaller joints are under constant pressure. Hence, it might lead to a slipped disc.

Hence, to stay away from that, you should practice yoga with a straight back. When you pick something up from the ground, pick with your legs and not your spine. Moreover, while practicing forward bending poses, keep your spine straight. Where the straight spine’s movement ends, there you can round it. Before that, it might hurt you.

Shoulders Away From Ears

The human body always protects the weaker joints and muscles. Hence, the wrong form enters yoga practice to ensure you do not experience discomfort. While practicing yoga, your scapula engages such that it pulls your shoulders toward your ears.

That minimizes the range of motion of your shoulder joints. Furthermore, it could lead to discomfort or injuries. Hence, always push your shoulders away from your ears. Train your scapula to support your shoulder movements.

Knee Never Past Toes

When you squat deep, your knees should not move past your toes. In simple language, your hips should be in alignment with your core and center of gravity. So, your knees fall either over your feet or slightly on your toes.

When you keep this body alignment in check, your body harnesses more power. Any other movement of the knees could be dangerous over a long time. While moving your knees further than required, your ankles get pressurized. That is what you need to avoid.

Neck in Line With Spine

The neck and spine should always be in one line. You can practice neck exercises no doubt. However, they should never move out of sync while practicing yoga. This means if you are practicing backbend, it must not completely fall back.

While practicing forward bend, you always look up for better body alignment. Keeping little things in mind comes in handy while practicing yoga. Neck alignment keeps neck issues like severe cervical pain in check.

Angling Your Joints

Joints have numerous ranges of motion as well as planes of motion. That means every joint can move a certain degree under different alignments. Hence, it must be your job to learn about the body alignment of joints for maximum efficiency.

You need to pay more attention while practicing Sun Salutation for weight loss. The Sun Salutations are intense movements. Hence, you need to be extra careful so that you stay healthy, fit, and active. Joints should not click or hurt while exercising.

Never Exceed Set Range of Motion

Just like joints have a set range of motion; muscles to do have the same. You might feel discomfort if you move your muscles past a set limit. No doubt it increases over time. However, kicking it right from the start is what you need to avoid.

So, learn about the range of motion of different muscles while practicing yoga. You can even join a Yoga Alliance USA certification to learn more. Pay close attention to muscles attached to major or complex joints.


Yoga or any other exercise might harm you without proper knowledge. Hence, mastering body alignment helps you know how to move and when to stop. When you know what could hurt you, you know what not to do.

Hence, you give full focus to yoga practice rather than worrying about injuries. It might take a while to get familiar with new body alignment movements. However, with consistent practice, yoga body alignment inculcates in your yoga routine. So, you stay healthier in life with regular yoga practice.