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Rocketleague.com/activate: Epic Games Account Linking Quick Reference

Epic Games operates the Epic Games Store for Windows and macOS. Both the website and the standalone launcher were released in December 2018; the latter is required in order to download and play around with the game.

Partners identify executives, matchmaking, and other highlights on the customer-facing facade. Epic Games plans to expand the retail facade’s capabilities, although not as many as other advanced delivery platforms, such as dialogue sheets or client audits. Instead, it will use current web-based media platforms to support these.



Epic entered the distribution business after the success of Fallout, which Epic distributed through its own channels on Windows and macOS. Tim Sweeney, founder, and CEO of Epic Games thought Steam’s 30% take was too high and said they could operate a shop with 8%. At launch, Epic Games selected a percentage revenue slice for store titles and dropped the authorizing expenses for Unreal Engine games, normally 5% of the profit.

Let’s have a look at how you can connect an Epic Games account through rocketleague.com/activate now that you have a general understanding of the company’s background and its current and future business strategies.

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Link an Epic Game Account to a Platform at rocketleague.com/activate


An Epic Games Account enables Rocket League’s cross-stage travel. First, make or sign into an Epic Games account.

Follow these steps to link your foundation to Epic Games:

  • Rocket League should be played in an exciting manner.
  • To log into your Epic Games Account, select the Sign-In button on the Epic Games website.

If you don’t have a games account, click Create without providing a name, email address, or password. 

  • Visit epicgames.com/activate and follow the prompts that are given to you there.

If you’re using Steam, you’ll need to visit the Epic Games Login Portal in order to log in with an Epic Games account.

You will be prompted to choose a primary platform any time that you are signed in to the service. For the duration of all of the connected stages, each primary platform will serve as the engine that drives your progression (in terms of Jet Engine Pass progress, Competitiveness Rank, and XP Level). Be sure to select the level at which your Rocket Pass has progressed the furthest and where your Competitive Rank is at its highest before beginning the stage.

Adjustments for credit and Esports tokens will be fixed at each stage and cannot be moved once they have been placed there. After you have decided on your primary platform, you will want to continue playing any remaining connected stages while maintaining your competitive rank, making progress on your rocket pass, and maintaining your XP level.

Select If the stage you are already on is my primary platform, then the answer is yes.

Select No. I have another, and I would be grateful if you would seize the opportunity to select a different primary platform.

You can select an important Rocket League Network for your Epic Games Account by going to rocketleague.com/activate.

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  • Victory! It has been determined that your primary platform is valid.

On rocketleague.com/activate, you can link your Epic Games account to extra stages. Connect your foundation with PlayStation, Playstation, Nintendo, or Steam login info and donate.

Rocketleague.com/activate lets you choose one as your primary platform. If you’ve already linked stages to your Epic Games account, you can skip this step for Rocket League (rocketleague.com/activate). Don’t stress if you make a mistake or change your mind about which platform will serve as your major one. Remove your platform and choose a new primary.

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Q. What is the Epic Games Store?

The Epic Games Marketplace is a player-and-maker-focused storefront for PC and Mac. It focuses on offering great games to gamers and a fair deal to game designers. When you buy a game on the Play Store, 88% of the total goes to developers, compared to 70% at other stores. It helps designers make better games.

Q. Where can I download Epic Games?

Visit epicgames.com’s Epic Games Marketplace page and click “Get Epic Games.” Here you may download the Epic Games Marketplace installation safely. Different sources may be risky.

Q. What are Epic Games Store’s plans?

Our Epic Games Store Trello Roadmap lists upcoming highlights, designer changes, and major known concerns. We’ll also update our news channel and pages on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Insta, and YouTube.

Q. Why does Epic Games make elite deals?

Games and more advanced forms of entertainment, like real video and music, use special features to make stages that work well.

Epic partners with publishers and distributors to sell games in their shop. In exchange for some rules, Epic gives them money for development and marketing, which lets them make better games with less risk.

Makers get 88% of their game’s revenue, whereas most shops offer 70%.

Q. What’s Support-A-Creator?

Support-A-Creator lets content creators earn money from Epic Games Store games using Writer Links and Producer Tags. Here’s Support-A-Creator.

Q. I said it was free, but I don’t see it. Why?

Guaranteed free games are yours. If you come later and don’t see your record, check for duplicates. If you created an Epic account using a @gmail.com email account, sign in using your Gmail password. Using channels such as search engines, the catch will create a separate account even if it’s tied to the same @gmail.com email address. Check if you possess both a control middle account and an epic account.

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