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Roblox Bacon

One of the main characters in the Kavra series, Bacon makes numerous appearances throughout the series, either as a cameo or as a major character. Sometime in his life, he came into possession of Bacon’s Staff, which he used to inflict harm on those he considered to be evil.


Bacon’s appearance is based on the default Roblox look; he has Bacon-like hair, grey skin, a motorcycle shirt, and a black jacket. He wears jeans and laces. Bacon smiles charmingly and innocently. vest, pants, and no shoes were taken from him.


Bully shows a brief glimpse of Bacon, who asks to join forces with Red Dress Girl and the others who escaped from prison. As a response, Red Dress Girl mocks him by ripping off his clothes, which she then gives to Noob. It appears as though Bacon is staring at them before crying and running away.

Roblox Bacon


After Red Dress Girl murders Victim Girl in her home, police infiltrate to arrest her. Bacon appears behind her as she hides. The Red Dress Girl accepts Bacon’s offer to “team” to avoid imprisonment. Bacon and Red Dress Girl teleport to a medieval city, but Bacon accidentally teleports an unnamed police officer. When Bacon sees medieval guards approaching, he flees, killing the police officer.

Later, he checks on RDG, who killed the king to seize power. Crybaby killed Noob. RDG demands Bacon resurrect Noob. Bacon teleports Blue Boy, Sia, Sia’s minions, Lavender, Crybaby, and Victim Girl. The RDG imprisons Bacon.

Bacon joins RDG and Noob after the King overthrows RDG. RDG says she doesn’t have time for his “nonsense,” but she remembers Bacon’s staff. Bacon helps if he gets his clothes back. Noob gives RDG his shirt, pants, and shoes.

Bacon triggers an explosion with his staff, freeing him and everyone else. Bacon blows up the king and hurts Bianca upstairs. RDG hits Bianca with the Ban Hammer and leaves. Celebrating in a cottage

Noob believes RDG’s struggles are caused by the Immortality Necklace and removes it. RDG’s life is saved by destroying the staff she used to wield the necklace. Bacon followed RDG and Noob to their house, then teleported away.


Bacon teleports to the school after leaving Red Dress Girl and Noob, resurrecting Meatball, who was killed by Kendall, Megan, and Bethany.

Bacon’s charming smile wins over his classmates and the principal. During lunch with Meatball and Chloe, he gives Meatball a magical mirror, and Bacon can speak.

Meatball tells Markus and Jay that Bacon is with her. Kendall, angered by Bacon’s popularity, breaks into her father’s vault and confronts him while he eats. Kendall steals Bacon’s staff as she taunts Meatball.

Meatball sacrifices herself to save Bacon from Kendall’s killing curse. Kendall wishes that Bacon would never return to the school, teleporting him to a meadow. Bacon uses his staff to unsuccessfully resurrect Meatball.


Bacon attends Meatball’s private funeral shortly after her death. Bacon visits Red Dress Girl, who is now married to Noob, rules the Kingdom, and has a daughter, Noobetta. The Red Dress Girl greets Bacon and marvels at his speech. RDG sends Noobetta and Bacon to Noobetta after he explains his dilemma.

RDG explains that her nemesis, the Wild Witch, may know about his staff. As Noobetta and Bacon head to the Wild Witch’s hut, Bacon tells her how he met her mother and how she is now one of his closest friends.

After reaching the Wild Witch’s Hut, she mistakes Noobetta for RDG and shrinks Bacon and Noobetta. Later, after RDG frees the Wild Witch from paralysis, she frees Noobetta and Bacon to torture them.

Bacon blasts the Wild Witch with his last bit of staff power. The Wild Witch says the staff is from another world and can’t be fixed. She correctly deduces that the staff isn’t Bacon’s, but before she can explain, Noobetta freezes her, shocking Bacon, who notices RDG’s instability.

Roblox Bacon

The two find the destroyed Immortality Necklace in a museum, where the director explains that he found it by chance and it’s no longer used. Before the director can call the police, Bacon is possessed by the Wild Witch, who has broken free from the free charm.

In the Director’s body, she mocks Noobetta and stabs her, despite Noobetta claiming she’s not RDG. The Wild Witch kills the Director while Bacon tries to power his staff and resurrect Noobetta. Eliza, the magical spirit powering the staff, finally escapes. Eliza explains that Orphanage (series) scientists sucked her spirit into the staff years ago.

Eliza powers the necklace and resurrects Noobetta, but warns Bacon to help her or she’ll kill them both. Two scientists prepare to arrest Eliza at the organization that sponsored her ‘death.’ Eliza fails to seduce Bacon and is captured while fleeing. Noobetta recommends rescuing Eliza from Bacon.

Noobetta and Bacon find a cave while looking for Eliza, and Noobetta assumes it leads to the lab, surprising Bacon. Bacon suggests knocking out two computer scientists, but Noobetta snaps their necks with her Immortality Necklace and orders Bacon to change into their clothes. She then vaporizes their bodies, but the Director arrives and orders them back to work due to the alarm. She demands to know if anyone has broken in, but Bacon can’t find any traces, so she calls him “useless.” Noobetta leaves to find something, while Bacon stays behind to watch.

The Director threatens to extract Bacon’s memories unless he tells them about Eliza. Bacon is given electric shocks and tortured to reveal information. Bacon is taken to Victim Girl, Lavender, and Blue Boy’s house, where he sees the Director use a different staff to deflect Eliza and Evan’s magic before placing them in a power-extraction machine. Noobetta is being held captive by Red Dress Girl and Noob.

Poppy possesses Evan and kicks the Director into an oven, where RDG kills him. Poppy frees Bacon by telekinetically smashing the police officers’ heads. Bacon approaches Poppy, says she saved him and asks if they ‘want to team’.

Eliza tests her powers on Bacon and everyone else by seducing them. Eliza and Evan brainwash scientists to release supernaturals. Eliza, Evan, Bacon, Noobetta, RDG, and Noob return to RDG’s house.

Noobetta thanked Bacon and Eliza. Eliza teleports Evan and Bacon to the open field, where she thanks him. Eliza asks Bacon to turn around after resurrecting Meatball, and he’s thrilled to see him alive. Bacon misses Meatball, so Meatball suggests an adventure. Bacon smiles and thanks to Eliza after agreeing, but she’s gone. Uninterested Bacon travels with Meatball.


The character of Bacon is depicted as one who is seemingly innocent, kind, and forgiving. His pick-up line, “want to team,” shows his eagerness to make friends with anyone who crosses his path. His charismatic charm and pleasant demeanor make him so likable. Meatball later uses a mirror to make Bacon smarter, making him a better person.


  • “Wanna team” is Bacon’s Roblox pickup line.
  • Roblox’s Bacon Hair meme.
  • Bacon hair memes involve Roblox users saying something unsafe for the platform, usually about death or controversial events.
  • Kara’s mascot is bacon.

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