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These Places Are Meant for the New Year’s Eve

You Can’t Leave. These Places Are Meant for the New Year’s Eve

New year’s eve marks the arrival of the new year, new calendar, new motivation, new dreams, new inspirations, and a new you, but with old bonds. People worldwide celebrate new year’s eve with their close ones, their friends, their families, and the love of their lives. It is one of those days that automatically adds sparkle to one’s life and gives them another chance at changing the course of their life in their special way.

Places Are Meant for the New Year’s Eve

People worldwide get together to celebrate the specialness of this day. This is one of those days where the clock doesn’t just strike midnight, and it sprays magic on the hearts of millions of people, the magic of togetherness, happiness, celebration, and excitement.

People have an entire to-do list planned for their new year’s eve, where they’ll go to the party, who all would be there with them to celebrate, what all gifts do they want to distribute, what food they want to have, what clothes they want to wear, etc. New year’s eve is like a birthday eve, and the only difference is that it’s the birthday of the entire world and not just one person. 

Meant for the New Year’s Eve

From new year cakes to new year party places, everything has an extra pinch of excitement and joy when it’s new year’s eve. Not only for celebration purposes, but people also make a list of things that they would want to teach in their daily routines and their habits. They make promises to themselves as resolutions, make a goal toward achieving them, and then master them with every passing day. 

You can order a cake in Bangalore online, or you can send flowers to someone sitting in Britain. You can do anything and everything to feel good and make other people feel good on new year’s eve. Though you have a perfect list of what to do to celebrate your new year’s eve, how many of you have a list of ‘where’ to celebrate new year’s eve? Well, we’ve got it sorted for you. These are the seven places meant to be the home to your new year’s celebrations in the most unique way possible. 

It’s Vegas, baby:

One of the synonyms for Las Vegas is PARTY, and what’s a better party occasion than new year’s eve? Loads of pretty fireworks, hundreds of fancy restaurants, many beautiful hotels, and millions of hearts beating with excitement, all ready to welcome the new year with a bash. Las Vegas is famous for having the most amazing new year’s eve parties in the world. Why would you miss a chance? 

Go Goa:

Goa is one of the chilliest places, vibe-wise, to ever exist in the world. Live singing in the shacks, cold seawater, parties on the coast, and thousands of people unleashing their inner children, dancing and singing wherever possible. New year’s eve parties are home to Goa in the homeliest way ever. Plus, beer there is cheaper than water. What else do you need for a party? 

Wonders of Venice:

Venice is known as one of the most romantic cities in the whole world, people plan their honeymoons to Venice for a reason, and that is that love flows in its air. Not only love, calmness, and subtle happiness is in the air too. Beautiful sparkles covering the sky above your head, the reflection of those sparkles in the water below your feet, and music in every street on new year’s eve, indeed, what a heavenly sight to start your new year with. 

Tour Udaipur:

Udaipur is one of the most royal cities in India. The old forts, beautiful lakes, and the kingly vibe of the entire city make it one of the most visited destinations by tourists from all over the globe. If you want to experience a royal sort of new year’s eve, with traditional food, traditional art performances, and bright, colorful lights all around, then plan a trip to Udaipur for the new year’s party. It’s sure to be one of the best new year’s eves you’ll ever experience. 

See Sydney:

New Year’s Eve parties in Sydney are really popular worldwide; people come from far away countries to enjoy the beautiful fireworks show. What’s a better way of welcoming the new year with all the glittery fireworks in the sky reflecting straight in your eyes, making them shine like never before?    

Mesmerizing Manali:

Manali is one of the prettiest hill stations in India, and on new year’s eve time the entire city is covered with snow. The sight you see on new year’s eve would be snow-capped mountains, echoing celebrations, amongst the silence of the pines. Go camping, rent a hotel room, go to a local café, to dine at a fancy restaurant. Every corner of Manali is worth celebrating your new year’s eve at.   

The Bahamas Bliss:

The Bahamas is a heaven on earth, all you see is the blue of the sky and sea and the green of the wild vegetation. Go swimming in the crystal clear waters, or go hiking between the sky-touching trees; celebrating new year’s eve surrounded by the purest form of nature is true bliss. If you’re a nature lover and need a break from the deafening hustle-bustle of city life to enjoy the arrival of the new year in utmost peace and calmness, then the Bahamas is calling out for you. 


Though new year’s eve remains as special as it is no matter where you celebrate it, some places in the world are meant to be home to occasions such as welcoming the new year, just like the ones mentioned above. You may go solo, go with family, friends, or your partners, and these destinations will take the celebrations and excitements to another level. Live it, to believe it.