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PBS.org/activate is where you can activate your Roku device for free and start streaming programming from public television stations all across the world, including the United States. Award-winning children’s shows, plays, and documentaries abound.

Something that many people in the world of children’s television will remember, including Sesame Road, Frontline, Antique Roadshow, the Great British Cake Ceremony, and Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Austin City PBS’s Borders.


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Instructions on How to Access Your PBS Account

  • Users of the PBS app are required to sign in to their accounts.
  • Sign in or use credentials from an existing Google ID or Facebook account.
  • When the PBS video displays come on, you have the option of clicking any one of the abilities to follow:
    Log in to your email account.
  • So does Facebook.
  • Sign in with your Google Plus account.
  • Don’t have an existing account with us? Create.
  • If you select the final choice, PBS will not allow you to set up an account in their system.

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You Can Stream PBS On Your Roku Player

You Can Stream PBS on Your Roku Player.

  • PBS app store channels are clickable.
  • The next screen shows the Roku message and activation code.
  • For those who haven’t activated their app’s fire button:
  • After entering the code at pbs.org/activate, the screen refreshes.
  • In Safari, Chrome, or Firefox’s address bar.
  • At that time, hit “click” to continue.

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  • PBS Roku app
    Find PBS on your Roku and hit OK. You’ll see PBS Roku’s activation code.
  • Copy the screen-displayed PBS activation code. 
    Once the code appears on the Roku screen, copy it and move on.
  • On PBS.org/RokuNow, use the activation code on your computer or phone. Open pbs.org/activate in Google Chrome. Once you take over the registration page, Roku will use PBS.
  • Enter the PBS code
    PBS activation requires a 6-digit alphanumeric code. Entering the 6-digit activation code sends you to the account creation screen.
  • PBS-registered account 
    Now you don’t need to register on PBS’s portal; your Roku will be activated. If you don’t have both, click “Create one here” to log in to PBS.

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The PBS Channel Is Now Available on Amazon Fire TV

  • If you own an Amazon Fire device, you can get assistance from us at pbs.org/activate Fire Instructions and it will go almost exactly like Roku.
  • Get the Google Play store channel on the App Store, and then enter the address to navigate to the pbs.org/activate page using the firestick activation code.
  • Fire TV Premium lets you add a video channel after hardware setup.
  • Click “No Thanks” to explore other apps.
  • Amazon’s UI has several possibilities.
  • Download and launch PBS.
  • After that, click the above-displayed activation code support link.

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Creating an Account on PBS

  • Users with a PBS account can access pbs.org/activate PBS’s video app.
  • PBS is required to receive a passport.
  • Like your profile, with access to concerts, MF, etc. Comprehensive history
  • Enter your name on the account creation page.
  • Please ensure that the email address you entered is correct before pressing the Verify button once more.
  • Strong passwords include fewer than 8 characters, digits, and letters.
  • To see comments, click “Display Password.”
  • To register, click Register.
  • Keep me logged in to the Republic Box.

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The PBS activation code is no longer valid.

  • PBS.org/activate requires a code.
  • Activate your Roku device beforehand.
  • Click on the PBS channel to see if it’s activated.
  • In the event that activation fails, the app will send you a message containing the activation code. Simply enter this code when prompted throughout the pbs.org/activate process.

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Activating PBS Kids on Roku Using These Steps

  • Install the PBS Kids app on your Roku streaming player.
  • PBS Kids Roku app
  • Your screen will display a PBS activation code consisting of seven numbers.
  • Go to pbskids.org/activate in your browser to activate your account.
  • Put in the code here.
  • Don’t stop here; continue.
  • Sign in to your PBS subscription (if you don’t already have one, you’ll need to establish one first).
  • A notification indicating that the activation was successful will appear on the screen.
  • PBS Kids features video content that can be streamed.

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