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Paramount Plus/Xfinity

Xfinity provides the internet and TV. It aims to entertain users. Paramount Plus replaces CBS All Access and is Xfinity-compatible. It offers shows, series, episodes, and originals. Paramount+ streams news, live scores, and highlights. It’s always thrilling on Xfinity. This section contains information on Xfinity’s subscription plans and installation methods.

Paramount Plus/Xfinity

Subscription Options Available Through Paramount Plus

At this time, Paramount+ provides customers with two different premium plan options. Either one of them will provide you with a free trial period of one week.

  • A limited commercial is available for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year and includes fewer advertisements.
  • Commercial Free is available without advertisements for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. It also lets users download titles to watch when they’re not online and works with local CBS stations.

Xfinity Models That Are Supported

The Xfinity models that are listed below are the only ones that are compatible with the Paramount Plus app.

  • Xi5
  • Xi6
  • XiOne
  • XG2v2-P
  • XG1v3
  • XG1v4
  • Television of the X-Class

Instructions on How to Join Paramount Plus

  1. Access to Paramount Plus online.
  2. Just hit the Free Trial button.
  3. Please fill out the form below to proceed to the checkout page.
  4. Put in your credit card information now. Relax; there are no dues to pay in this case.
  5. Start your 30-day free trial today. It’s important to remember to stop your Paramount Plus service before the 30-day trial ends. Otherwise, your account will be charged at the start of the next payment period.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Paramount Plus on Xfinity

  1. Use the remote’s Xfinity button.
  2. Choose apps and search for Paramount+.
  3. Two options appear when the software launches. TV and online.
  4. My TV lets you enter credentials on the TV. Sign in with Paramount+ credentials.
  5. On the Web, it shows the activation code.
  6. Screenshot of the activation code
  7. Visit paramountplus.com/activate/xfinity on another device.
  8. Press Activate with the activation code.
  9. After activation, you can stream Paramount+ immediately.

Xfinity Does Not Support Paramount Plus at This Time

Some Paramount+ app issues on Xfinity devices might have several causes.

  1. Check your Xfinity device’s Paramount+ app compatibility.
  2. Reboot your Xfinity device.
  3. Restart the Paramount+ app. Instead of signing in, consider enabling Paramount+.
  4. Delete the cookies and cache from Xfinity.
  5. Xfinity or Paramount+ can also help.

Bottom Line!

Xfinity provides the internet and TV. Paramount Plus replaces CBS All Access and is Xfinity-compatible. After activation, you can stream Paramount+.

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