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lookah seahorse ceramic coils

The ceramic coil for the Lookah Seahorse wax vape is intended for use with the Lookah Seahorse wax vaporizers. The touch-style Dip Coil is made of food-grade ceramic and allows you to vape concentrates directly from the container, making dabbing on the go easier.

  • lookah seahorse ceramic coils 5 boxes
  • Lookah Seahorse Pro Wax Vaporizer Compatibility
  • 1 Coil Resistance: 1.2 Ohm
  • The Lookah Seahorse and Seahorse Pro may use either the Single Coil Quartz or the Dual Coil Ceramic coils. Try both to see which one works best for you!

How to Clean the Lookah Seahorse Ceramic Coil?

  1. Disconnect the heating element/coil.
  2. Squeeze some isopropyl alcohol through the syringe’s mouthpiece end. Consume just a trace of alcohol at a time.
  3. Hold the seahorse pro upright/vertical in a cup or glass for a few minutes (mouthpiece pointing up). This allows the alcohol to pass through the airway.
  4. Using a pipe cleaner, a small brush, or a Q-tip, clean the inside of the mouthpiece.
  5. The alcohol should dissolve the remaining wax residue, drip through, and leave via the end with the attached tip.
  6. If required, repeat steps 2–4.
  7. After that, squirt some warm water into the device using the syringe to remove any leftover alcohol.

When it comes to the vaping industry, innovation and renewal are strong drivers. They increase product sales while also responding to consumer safety concerns. Heating components are arguably the component of vaping devices in which the greatest imagination is expressing the most often. Wires, Nichrome, twisted and Clapton wires… all kinds of alloys and wire forms are being experimented with, but one kind of coil stands out from the rest: the ceramic coil.

What Are Its Benefits?

Durability: This is arguably the most significant benefit over other coil kinds. The ceramic preserves the coils and extends their life from a few weeks to many months. That depends on the e-juices you vape. Sugary vape liquids clog coils quicker.


Ceramic is porous and holds e-liquid better than cotton wicks. Also, unlike cotton wicks, the electronic liquid must exit the porous ceramic to reach the mouth.

Dry Hits: A ceramic wick is unlikely to cause a dry hit. A dry hit is uncomfortable and occurs when the wick is not adequately hydrated.

Ceramic Wicks Better Absorb Viscous E-Liquids: Many vapers suggest ceramic wicks for nicotine salts and cannabis e-liquids. Ceramic wicking material absorbs viscous e-liquids better than conventional wicking materials. For both CBD and THC e-liquids.

Ceramic wicks don’t affect the flavor of e-liquids. It enables for a purer vape and taste. That is, these coils don’t affect the vape juice taste. Also, more e-liquid is evaporated each puff, enhancing taste.


What exactly is ceramic coils which lookah like seahorse presents?

Ceramic has made its way into every aspect of modern life; why not use it in your e-cigarette as well?

Exit the old-fashioned pottery, bricks, and tiles, the vast majority of which are made of ceramic. Modern ceramic is utilized for a variety of purposes, including tooth replacements and dental prostheses, as well as the blades of kitchen knives and a variety of other items. Ceramic components may be distinguished by their mechanical qualities (such as resistance to abrasion and flexibility, as well as tolerance to high temperatures), optical properties (ranging from clear to totally opaque), and electrical characteristics.


Because oxidation of the alloy is exacerbating at high temperatures in coil science, the absence of a protective bonded coating leads in frequent failures of the wires. The effect is exacerbating in the presence of aggressive e-liquid combinations as well as during repeated heating and cooling intervals, as described above. A coating of oxidizes material is form on the surface of the wire as a consequence of this process. Absolutely, the possibility of that layer peeling away and allowing particles to escape is there and present.

Ceramic coils are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Even while some manufacturers have already in the term “ceramic” into their atomizers, there is still some uncertainty as to which kind of ceramic. With ceramic, the companies promise a longer life, self-cleaning characteristics, the lack of a dry hit, and a better rendering of tastes, all of which are beneficial. Moreover, the lack of metallic components that rust in the presence of e-liquid makes it a safer choice for the user, according to them.

Silicon dioxide:

Heating elements are primarily compose of oxides of the following metals: lead, silica (silicon dioxide), boron (boron dioxide), magnesium (magnesium oxide), titanium (titanium oxide), and one or more oxides selected from the group consisting of the oxides of nickel, manganese, cobalt, and iron (nickel oxide).

Live much longer:

Ceramic coils, according to their manufacturers, are designe to endure very high temperatures without releasing chemicals and to live much longer than the usual one-week disposable metallic resistive wire. However, the source of worry is more physical. It is by the deterioration of the ceramic and the possibility of inhaling ceramic powder that has flaked off.