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kidsyoutube.com Activate TV: Account Setup for Children youtube.com/activate 

Visit the official website to activate and enter the 8-digit code. Users are able to access YouTube on a variety of devices, including smart TVs, Apple TV, Roku, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and other video streaming players.

Smart TVs and other devices display an 8-digit code whenever you sign in to YouTube. YouTube activation code

kidsyoutube.com Activate TV: Account Setup for Children youtube.com/activate 

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What exactly is Kids’ YouTube?

YouTube is the website that the vast majority of people use when they want to post on YouTube in our generation. As of this date, YouTube is the most used video publishing and streaming site as it allows users to watch a wide variety of videos, including instructional tutorials, movies, and even web series.

While you can view YouTube on smartphones with video capability and an internet connection and on desktops with a suitable browser and an internet connection, watching it on TV is a luxury. Everyone would benefit immensely from the inclusion of YouTube capability on smart TVs.

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Account creation at kids.youtube.com/activate

Account creation at kids.youtube.com/activate

Step:1 Go to youtube.com/activate.com.

Step:2 Click the option that says “I’m a parent.”

Step:3 Your birth year must be entered before you can click the “Submit” button.

Step:4 While you’re watching the video, proceed by clicking the “Next” button.

Step:5 A Google Mail address is required.

Step:6 Take the terms of the agreement.

Step:7 After providing the correct password, click the “Next” button to continue.

Step:8 After that, you will need to set up a profile and customize the content. You are going to need

The child’s name, age, and birth month You and your child will be the only ones able to see this data. 9. Change the avatar, then click “Next.”

10. YouTube Kids calculates your child’s video category based on age.

11. Turn on content search. A child can view any video. If you turn off the above feature, YouTube Kids will only show videos from channels that have been reviewed and approved by the YouTube Kids team.

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How to create a kids’ YouTube account from kids.youtube.com/activate?

Step:1 You can sign up for a YouTube account by going to www.youtube.com/activate and clicking the link there.

Step:2 Please provide both your e-mail address as well as a password.

Step:3 Fill in the Retype Password and Username areas.

Step:4 Select your country under Location.

Step:5 Enter a zip code.

Step:6 You’ll need to click to choose your gender and then enter your birth date.

Step:7 Type the colored box’s letters and numbers into Word Verification.

Step:8 Mark the next box, which has a cumbersome name, as checked or unchecked as appropriate: If you have my email, find my YouTube channel.

Step:9 After reading the legalese, check the terms of use and privacy policy.

Step:10 Click “My Account.”

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