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Is 700mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure Really a Better Choice?

The 700mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure is a stylish enclosure shape that is popular for small bathrooms. While creating a separate area for the showers is a modern trend and makes it possible, there are various types of cubicles available in the market. While people are quickly adopting the shower, an enclosure is not only a highly functional fixture with various benefits but also looks aesthetically pleasing. 

Whether you are planning for it as it will create a defined separate shower area or the modish look attracts you, there are different choices that you will have to make while installing it. Generally, there are different shapes of enclosure other than the customizable option. These include square, rectangular, quadrant and offset quadrant, etc. When you decide to choose, there will be one shape from these. 

How is Quadrant Shower Enclosure Different from Others?

It is a kind of enclosure that has a curvy or half-round shape frontage that gives it its distinctive look. Due to its shape, it offers various benefits like suitability for all types of bathrooms, both classic and contemporary. Another reason to prefer such a design is that it fits well between two walls like corners. Moreover, people having small bathrooms prefer it as it helps saving space that can be a great thing for anyone who is out of space. These are available in various sizes, where 700mm is the smallest among all.

Salient Features of Quadrant Shower Enclosure. 

The 700mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure has the following salient features

  • Space-Saving Design. 

The biggest and most important reason to install this shape of the enclosure is that it is a space-saving design. There are three ways through which it helps you save space. The first is its curvy frontage that relatively offers better space usage in comparison to square and rectangular shapes. It is because of the relatively lesser impact on the internal bathroom space of such type of enclosure. 

The second is the spaciousness of the enclosure from the inside. Whenever you take a shower, it is important to have enough room to move freely. In comparison to square and rectangular, the curvy front makes the inside of the enclosure roomier. That will make a shower a better and more comfortable experience. In addition to that, the third space-saving comes from the use of a shower door. The use of a sliding enclosure door, which is the most suitable door for such enclosure, offers even more space-saving. It is due to the no clearance space requirements of this type of door. 

  • Better Shower Experience.

What is the use of such enclosure if your shower experience is not so good? Not all shower enclosure shapes offer a similar shower experience. If you compare each of the enclosures in terms of comfort and spaciousness, then you will realize that the quadrant shower enclosure, due to its curvy frontage, makes some extra room inside the enclosure. It feels even more when you get some extra bit of space in a small bathroom. Even the few inches of extra space may go a long way in providing a better experience. So, if you want a better shower experience, choose the quadrant enclosure.

  • Perfect For Corners or Odd Layouts. 

A corner is a place in the bathroom that does not have much use. Therefore, it usually goes wasted. Why not consider installing any fixture that may fit into such space. It will not only look stylish but save the bathroom space as well. The enclosure, which usually takes a lot of space in the bathroom, if installed in the corner or between two walls, can incredibly improve the aesthetics and utility of your place. The good thing is that the quadrant is a perfect enclosure for the corners. You can even install it in the odd layout where you may not fix other shapes of enclosures. 

Other Expected Benefits of 700mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Other relatively less significant benefits of 700mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure are explained here.

  • Another great benefit of this type of enclosure is that it is available in various sizes. That usually starts from 700mm and goes up to 1000mm. That means regardless of the size of your place, and you can easily find the one that can perfectly fit into your space.
  • Suppose your bathroom has little extra space or wants some extra coverage on the font size. Then a variation of standard quadrant enclosure is also available. It is known as an offset quadrant shape that is somewhat bigger than its counterpart.
  • In addition to the above-discussed benefits, another important benefit is its modish and aesthetically. In comparison to all other enclosure shapes, this one look best. 


Looking for 700mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure

In this article, we have discussed all the features and benefits of a 700mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure in the UK. Do you think this enclosure will be a great addition to your bathroom? At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have various types of enclosures and other fixtures available at competitive prices. With the new covid-19 delta spreading fast across the UK, we should all get ourselves the coronavirus vaccine as early as possible. 

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