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How New Customers can Invest in Bajaj Finance FD in 2021?

A fixed deposit can be among your best options if you are expecting stable
returns after investing a particular sum of money for a fixed period. The
interest of an FD gets compounded after every regular interval giving you good
returns at maturity. However, the interest rate of a fixed deposit plan should
be high enough to receive the expected returns.

Bajaj Finance is offering FD rates of up to 7.25% for a tenor of 36 months and
above that. This means that you have a great means to maximize your
investments now. To check how to invest in Bajaj Finance FD in 2021, you can
continue reading below:

● Firstly, you will require to visit the official website of Bajaj Finance and
check its online FD form. Here, you will need to enter your mobile

Number and date of birth first. After that, you will receive an OTP that
you will have to enter for proceeding towards the next steps.
● After verification of OTP, you will find sections wherein you will need to
provide some of your personal, professional, banking, and other details.
● Existing customers can provide the details of their nominee to proceed
further, whereas new customers will need to complete KYC online by
submitting their Aadhaar and PAN details. You can upload
documents directly if you are a new customer.
● Now, you can submit details like deposit tenor, amount, FD type, type of
periodic interest payout (in case of non-cumulative FDs), and some bank
● You can complete the payment UPI or by net banking. Please
remember that for deposits that are higher than Rs. 1,00,000, only the
option of net banking is applicable.
● Once the payment is processed, your FD account will be created, and you
will get the confirmation through SMS and email within the next 15
To maximize your earnings via Bajaj Finance FD, you can follow some of the
below ideas:

Select a longer tenor

A longer tenor will not only provide you with a higher interest rate, but it will
also mean that your returns will be compounded multiple times, providing a
much higher value for your deposits. Therefore, it will be wiser if you select a
longer tenor for your deposits.

Extra FD rates

Senior citizens get a 0.25% additional FD rate on booking a Bajaj Finance FD. If
you are a non-senior, then you can utilize its online investment procedure for
getting 0.10% extra FD rate. To check how these additional interest rates will
influence your returns; you can use the Bajaj Finance FD calculator that is available
on its portal.

Select periodic payouts as per your needs

Bajaj Finance gives you the option of choosing between monthly, quarterly, six-
monthly and yearly interest payouts as per your needs. These periodic payouts
prove to be handy for retirees and those who are looking for a regular source
of income.

Option of re-investment

If you want to keep multiplying your returns at a higher rate, then you can
choose the option of auto-renewal as well. This option will be provided to you
at the time of filling the online form. You can earn an additional 0.10% interest
rate if you choose to auto-renew.

Stable returns

Bajaj Finance FD has been considered to be the safest place to deposit your
money as it has been credited with high ratings by CRISIL and ICRA. These are
reputed credit rating organizations, and they have bestowed their deposit with
the highest ratings for securing the depositor’s money. Therefore, you need
not worry about your deposits at all.

Fixed deposits are one of the best choices when it comes to growing your
investments in a safe manner. However, the interest rates should also be high
so that you earn surplus returns at maturity. One of the highest paying
corporate FD in India is offered by Bajaj Finance. The interest rate of 7.25% for
a tenor of 36 months and higher enables you to compound your returns

Moreover, the options like auto-renewal, extra FD rates to senior citizens and
online investors, multiple choices of periodic returns, etc., enable you to
maximize your returns till maturity. To check the returns before investing, you
can use its online FD calculator. Also, the method of investment for new
customers is described in this article.