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“I Can’t Do My Assignment”, The Issue And it’s solution

Students often complain about their assignments and their inability to complete them. Nowadays it has become common for someone to say, “I am willing to pay someone to do my assignment.”


In a recent survey conducted by an independent authority, parents and students have expressed dissatisfaction with the homework assigned by the teachers. They feel that it is challenging, time-consuming, and demanding for the students.


Also, parents have to devote 1-2 hours daily to help their children finish their homework.


This issue is not only limited to middle school children. But all levels of students have experienced this frustration with their homework at some point.


It means that everyone has needed some homework help with their studies in their academic life.


In this article, You will get to know about the reasons behind students’ most common issues. We have listed some reasons why students feel “I can’t do my assignment.” Also, how to tackle them to compete in regular life and excel in academics. So let’s move on to these points.


  • Homework Feels Like A Chore.


When teachers or professors assign any homework, students often feel it is a chore to finish and procrastinate for other works also. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, teachers have given Loads of assignments to submit online. As students were staying at home teachers increased the assignment loads by giving extra work. Which is sometimes not even necessary.


Students cannot understand that with them being at home, why they are not free from their studies.


To tackle this, teachers have to make sure the students know why the assignment is necessary. It is for implementing the habits of time management, discipline, and creative thinking in students.


Doing this can help students understand the perspective behind the chore.


  • They Need A Break From Education After School


Students usually spend five to seven hours of their day in school, regardless of the education levels. And they are reluctant to come home and spend their free time doing schoolwork again.


Average students need at least an hour or two to write the homework for one subject. They do not want to spend any more time writing their papers.


To make education and homework enjoyable, the coursework should be engaging, fun, and less time-consuming. Sometimes assignments can be in the form of other activities than writing and solving equations.


  • The Feeling Overwhelmed By Many Subjects


Students feel that they do not have enough time to complete all the homework. Teachers give assignments each day and many subjects need them to submit at a time.

That’s why students start to hate the concept of homework.


It is common not to concentrate on an English essay right after solving algebra problems back to back.


To tackle that students need to pre plan their homework for different subjects as per difficulty level. For example, you can do your physics, chemistry, and algebra homework together. So, as it requires numerical abilities, and then do your essay-type homework after that.


  • Persistence Of Homework From Teachers


What we mean by this point is that teachers assign homework – daily, over the weekends, and during vacations, too. Students think that schoolwork is never going to leave them alone and grow a disdain towards the whole education system. If it’s a holiday or vacation then students need to relax from the work and spend their quality time with friends and family. Or they wish to go somewhere without any nightmare of homework submission.


As we all know that they are not going to stop giving homework no matter what the occasion is. In this case, students can get homework help from experts online. Since they do not want to write their assignments, they can choose to pay someone for doing their essays or reports. 


  • Never Have Tools Or Support To Complete The Homework.


This is another reason behind the unwillingness in doing their assignments. Teachers assign challenging homework for they need students to build academic skills. But it turns back to a nightmare and stress for many students. Also we live in a world now where students have to get all the knowledge or information about almost everything to survive. That leads to an increase in regular homeworks. There’s a saying “Life is a Race if you won’t run fast you will loose” here loose means will not survive. To fullfill the survivalment of anyone we 


But students cannot finish it without the extra homework help or resources on the teacher’s part. In the end, they feel unable and helpless to complete the assignments.


To tackle this, there are many professional tutors available online which offer homework help for a price. And many students are turning towards this alternative.


So, here are some reasons why students hate to do their assignments and some ways to tackle them. If you proceed and keep in mind the big picture, homework won’t feel as daunting as it is.

Now how can you score higher in the Exam?