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Hulu lets you stream TV episodes and movies on your devices. Hulu packages include Mickey Mouse.

If you’re new to online TV streaming, like me, some advice from my experience with activating an account will help get things started much quicker. I now know what goes into activating a Hulu account after trying it unsuccessfully a couple of weeks ago.


Friends and clients have asked me about Hulu Activate. You may have heard about Hulu activation, but you don’t know how it works. Let’s examine the service’s features and how to begin.

Hulu Activate is a 2018 subscription service. For $39.99 per month, you get live TV, on-demand movies and series, documentaries, and kids’ programming (plus tax).

Showtime ($9.99/month) and HBO ($14.99/month) add-ons are available. It has a 50-hour cloud DVR, allowing you to record your favorite shows and watch them later.

What kinds of channels are available through Hulu?

Hulu provides users with access to a large range of channels covering a number of topics. Here are just a few examples: There are numerous others besides HBO, SHOWTIME, NBC, ABC, FOX NEWS CHANNEL*, and CNN*.

If you sign up for Hulu Activate, you’ll get access to this fantastic service for as little as $39 a month.

It is not possible for the vast majority of homes to switch from their traditional television provider to an online streaming service such as Hulu or Netflix. However, if you reside in an area that has a consistently fast and dependable internet connection, then subscribing to Hulu will provide your home with a greater variety of channels at a more reasonable cost than cable television subscriptions.

In addition, if you are concerned that the Hulu streaming service would restrict the number of channels that you are able to receive, you will be pleasantly surprised to see the whole list of channels that are available to you when you use Hulu streaming.

Hulu Activate TV offers all major networks and local affiliates. ESPN, FOX Sports Networks, FS-SW (Seattle), and NBCSN are also available (National).

Hulu’s streaming offerings include FX, TNT, and TBS content.

What is Hulu and what does it cost?

Hulu is a streaming service that eliminates the need for users to subscribe to cable television by allowing them to watch movies and television shows on any device of their choosing. You can also add premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, or Showtime to your package for an extra charge on top of your regular bill.

The price is different for each package, but it is often less than $40 per month, and further add-ons cost as little as $9.99 each. If you purchase multiple add-ons, your total cost might be as low as $9.99.

How can I get Hulu to operate on my television?

Connecting your streaming device to the HDMI port of your television and turning it on are the only steps required to watch Hulu on your television. If you want to watch channels that are transmitted over the air, all you need to do is insert an antenna into your television set, and you can do this with either Roku or Apple TV.

You can add premium channels from CNN, Fox Sports, FX, TNT, and more to Hulu.

Which Hulu streaming plan is the best? I ask clients who hire me to install home entertainment systems what they’ll use Hulu for most.

If you have a growing family with different streaming needs, purchase the unlimited screen with the Cloud DVR price plan.

The fee depends on how many individuals you add. A monthly package for two costs $39.99, but for three or more, it’s $34.99 per person per month.

Is Hulu included in the free trial of Amazon Prime?

Hulu isn’t included in Prime. Using Hulu with an Amazon Prime streaming stick requires a monthly charge.

Hulu and Amazon Prime are cheaper than most cable packages.

Hulu streaming charges $39.99 per month for unlimited screens and Cloud DVR storage, or $34.99 for three or more people.

A monthly package for two costs $39.99, but for three or more, it’s $34.99 per person.

What kind of computer is required to watch Hulu?

Most newcomers think Hulu streaming requires specific equipment.

No extra equipment is needed. Watching Hulu on your laptop or desktop requires an internet connection and Adobe Flash Player (most popular browsers will have this already).

Hulu has mobile apps, Apple TV, and Chromecast support.

Hulu streaming with Chromecast comes with remote control, making channel navigation easier than with a keyboard and mouse combo.

portable since it can be hooked into 1080p TVs or monitors without cords.

How can we get your account activated?

Activating Hulu is easy for a streaming service. Go to the website, enter your email and password, and accept Hulu’s terms.

If you’re not a member or this is your first time using Hulu, you can sign up for automatic billing and credit card details.


Hulu provides several plans to fit different demands, but only one at a time, so compare them all before choosing.

Once you’ve signed up, you can log in with your email address and password and link devices. It might ask you for an iOS device PIN, which you got when you signed up.

When asked, enter the one-time code so you won’t have to do it again when you sign in to Hulu on a different device.

Why does Hulu need a code?

Hulu Activate often requires an activation code to register your device. This is a one-time need, so input it when prompted; you won’t need to do it on other devices.

Hulu will only ask for your activation code if the device has never been registered on your multiscreen account. Hulu just requires one device registration per subscription.

Log in to Hulu with your email address and password to authenticate. Follow the steps to link devices, including getting an activation code to add more.

If you’re using the Hulu mobile app, it may ask for an iOS device PIN or activation code.

When asked for the code, log in to your Hulu account on their website to get an activation code for adding devices to the main account.

How many different devices can one account for Hulu be used on?

Hulu’s plans limit the number of subscriptions you can have.

You can register up to five devices with your regular Hulu account at once, but don’t merely add one to have more.

Hulu’s Unlimited Screen Plus users can add as many devices as they like from the same IP address.

Go to your online Hulu account and remove currently registered devices to add another.

Linked devices won’t be erased if you do this. Repetition is required.

How much time does it take for Hulu to become operational?

Activating Hulu is virtually immediate, but setting up additional accounts and getting them streaming can take a while.

Hulu technical support can usually process your activation code in an hour. If you can’t access premium content, try again after an hour.

After 12 hours, you can call or email Hulu. Another gadget that is operational or ready to be activated nearby The Hulu support team will get you up and running on all of your activated devices quickly.

Hulu Activate lets you stream video to several devices in your home, making it easier than ever to watch live TV online.

Hulu’s regular improvements make navigating TV shows easier.

Hulu offers plenty of fantastic programs in one spot, including numerous recent blockbuster movies and TV series episodes grouped by Comedy, Drama, or Family Friendly-Content.

My Hulu code doesn’t work.

Hulu account activation on a new device and code is sometimes drama-free. Having Hulu activation troubles may not require a new code.

Online security software and browsers cause Hulu Activation to fail. Change your browser and reconnect to Hulu to authenticate your activation code.

You must whitelist Hulu or temporarily disable security software before entering your Hulu activation code.

If you’ve already tried and received an activation code error, you may need to reset Internet Explorer.

How to reboot Internet Explorer:

Type CMD in the bottom-left search box to find the command prompt. Press ENTER to conduct the “IP config /flush DNS” protocol to flush your IP from the server and browser error logs.

These actions delete server-related Temporary Internet Files that prevent Hulu activation.

This operation refreshes your browser cache with new information from Hulu’s servers about your streaming devices.

If this doesn’t resolve your activation issues, email [email protected] or call (888) 309-0873 between 12 am and 12 pm EST.

Instructions for resolving issues with the activation of your account

Hulu customer assistance is available to assist new subscribers with activation issues. If you can’t stream or activate Hulu, troubleshoot the activation steps.

  • Email link for confirmation
  • Check your spam folder or call customer care if you haven’t received the email.
  • Sign in to your account and click “activate my account.”
  • Enter your login information.
  • I’m experiencing problems enrolling in my account.
  • Activation problems? Contact customer care.

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