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How to Activate Pandora on Roku Using https://www.pandora.com/roku 

Listeners who do not wish to pay for a paid service are able to access on-demand content such as playlists, albums, and songs through a feature called Premium Sessions. Premium Sessions are not the same as a premium subscription. You can start the sessions by searching for and playing the content you like best.

How to Activate Pandora on Roku Using https://www.pandora.com/roku 

How does premium access work?

You’ll get premium access after clicking an ad.

Once active, Pandora Premium features include:

  • You can play individual songs or albums whenever you choose.
  • Make your own personal playlists.
  • high-quality audio.
  • Ad-free music, skips, and replays.

Because this is sponsored by ads, your account will revert to normal and you will not be charged any fees associated with it.

You can decline; it’s optional.

How can I obtain access to the premium features?

There are two ways to get Premium:

  • Click on a Pandora email, social post, push notification, or ad partner message. 
    Play the song or album from our library.
  • If you choose either option, a short ad will play, and then you can watch on-demand content.

If you use a web browser to get to Premium, turn off your ad blocker to watch on-demand content.

Activate at https://www.pandora.com/roku

Activate Pandora after installing it from the Roku Channel Store.

  • From the Welcome screen, sign in or create a Pandora account.
  • To register: Follow the on-screen instructions to create a Pandora account.
  • Existing account: A page will appear with a webpage and a code; keep this code on the device screen.


  • Enter Roku’s activation code.
  • computer-based: Enter the Roku activation code at www.pandora.com/roku.
  • Open Pandora, tap Settings, then Device Activation, then enter the Roku code.

You can also use your Roku remote to enter your email and password.


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Roku Tutorial: Using Roku

To access the Roku app’s navigational options, simply hit the Up Arrow button on your Roku remote, which will bring up the Menu Bar at the very top of your screen. You can check the current song, access your channel list, browse and search for new music, and change your account settings here.

The menu bar disappears after a while, but you may access it by pressing the Roku remote’s Up Arrow.

If you press the home button on your Roku, you can always get back to Pandora’s main screen.

Enter another Pandora account on Roku

You can’t use several Pandora identities on the same Roku device since each Roku login can only be linked to one. Using two Pandora accounts requires:

  • I have two Roku players.
  • duplicated (one of each).

If you’ve signed multiple Roku devices into the same account, manage them as follows:

  • Visit my.roku.com on a computer or phone.
  • Sign into your Roku account.
  • My associated devices are at the bottom of my account.
  • Choose “Unlink” and confirm.

Login and activate Pandora

Unlocking a session is easy.

  • Select a song or record from Pandora’s collection.
  • Click an email, social media, push notification, or ad partner link.


Either option will launch a short ad, followed by on-demand entertainment.

Your account will revert to normal and you won’t be billed when your session ends.

If you’re using a web browser to start a Premier experience, turn off your ad blocker so you can watch on-demand content.

Grace Digital – Turn on a gadget

I get Pandora Plus. an Android user. I’ll soon have access to Grace Digital Radio. I need to program that radio. Please provide the page’s URL. Grace’s link page was not found. Merci. Not a phone… Grace Digital Radio.

  • Audio Services/Pandora displays on a screen.
  • Note the screen code.
  • Visit Pandora.com/gracedigital on your computer.
  • The setup is three steps.

Where do I find the activation code?

Select Pandora on your product to get a code for this page.

You can retrieve your code from the product you’re setting up. Select Pandora on your product to get a code for this page.

I’ve set my product to use Pandora

Listen to Pandora on your device or online at www.pandora.com.

If your product says you really have to activate Pandora, input the code above and repeat setup.

How long is my premium session?

There is a possibility that the typical length of your free session will change, but you will always be able to begin a new session once the one you are currently using has ended.

What Will My Premium Session Cost Me?


You won’t be charged for a premium session, and you don’t need to cancel. Premium Sessions require no credit card or code, unlike our paid subscriptions.

Ads pay for these sessions, and your profile will go back to how it was afterward.

Remember! The session may end mid-playlist or mid-album. Start a new Premier Session to continue listening.

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What Happens to My Saved Playlists, Albums, and Songs?

We’ll save your playlists, albums, and songs if you start another Premium Session. The same goes for Pandora Premium. All your stuff should be available if you update the same Pandora account.


How to fix Pandora not working on Roku?

Sometimes the Roku Pandora app won’t operate. Find the problem by

  • Restart your Roku after closing the app.
  • Reinstall Pandora on Roku.
  • Update Pandora.
  • Update your Roku device’s software.

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