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How to void and reissue a check in QuickBooks

When you know you’ve written a check in the wrong number, it’s annoying, or you’ve sent it to the incorrect vendor because you have too much to keep track of, and things get messed up sometimes.

What’s worse, before checking your bank account balance, you wrote a check, and now your check would bounce because of inadequate funds. You don’t want to live with a bounced check charge from your provider, nor do you want to face any tax that your bank enforces on you. Also, you don’t want to live with the shame of a bounced check, which might be terrible for sales!


You can learn about how to void a check and reissue one in QuickBooks Services online before you get into some foul or unintentional search; here is a guide for you. You need to grab an online username on Quickbooks and learn how to void a check.

How to easily void a check by QuickBooks without any trouble?


Check Avoided means that the existing transaction was terminated. After you void a check, the authentication record remains in your QuickBooks Online account, so the check’s cash value adjusts to zero. Your documents still have the account numbers, payee, date, and transcript area, so the voided transaction can be mentioned later.


To void a check that was not cashed or used in the recent bank reconciliation, use these methods.


  • On the left-hand menu, press ‘Accounting.’
  • Pick “Chart of Accounts.” at the end.
  • Choose the bank account from which the original check was provided and press “View Register.”
  • Find the check that you need to terminate, press it to activate the check, then click “Edit.”
  • At the bottom of the center, click “More” and select “Void.” You will be prompted to validate your decision to revoke this search.

What if your check was used in a previous reconciliation?


You would need to reverse the reconciliation to cancel a check used with a previous bank account reconciliation. Then you can continue with the steps mentioned above to void the check. You should then reconcile your account so that your general journal and charges are in good condition.


Voiding a check is far from the craziest thing you’ll have to do to operate, but to keep your accounts up to date and the company going smoothly, it’s precious information to have. Having an appropriate accounting scheme in place helps avoid any nasty financial shocks, and it begins with sound knowledge of bookkeeping.

How to Reissue a Check-in QuickBooks without any hustle?


  • QuickBooks, open the original search, make a copy with the actual number, and then cancel it.
  • Reprint the original, but allocate the check with a new check number.
  • If it is absent, you may need to account for the check by making a false check and then canceling it to balance the check register.

How to Issue a replacement check for another number?

The Bill Payment check has to be reissued because it was in the last fiscal year, and the books are now closed. As this will trigger issues, you do not want to uninstall or void the check. You would then like to perform the following steps:


  1. Find inside the Vendor the Bill Invoice that has to be reissued. Note the affected account or objects, and to book a journal entry, use the same account. Create a note in the initial Bill Payment memo and reissue the check utilizing a journal entry specifying the latest date and new check number.


  1. In the current cycle, establish a journal entry that debits the same bank account and credits the cost. Go to Business > Make general journal entries to create a journal entry on the desktop. To create a journal entry online, go to the Create icon > Click Journal Entry under the Other tab.


  1. Reissue the payment of the bill with a check now. Write a new check to the same bank and spending account you used in the reverse journal entry in Stage 2 in the current period, so it washes in the same period. Have a note in the memo that the initial bill charge is a reissued check.
  2. The pending bill payment from the closed period and the journal entry reversing the initial bill payment in the new period can both be labeled as reconciled when you perform the next reconciliation. Unless cleared, the new search issued in the current period will remain pending.


For small to medium-sized firms, the QuickBooks accounting program is ideal. One of the features is that the customer can void and reissue Check-in QuickBooks by taking easy steps without any fees. It comes with new features and improvements.