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How to organize your iPad’s email

When it’s set up right, your Apple iPad can be your one-stop control center for all of your personal and work email. In the Mail app, folders are called “Mailboxes,” and you can add as many as you want. You can then move your messages to the right folders. You can move or delete emails one by one, or you can move more than one at the same time. The app also has a search function and a way to group related messages together in a thread.

How to organize your iPad's email

Managing Folders

Step 1

Open the Mail app on the iPad and tap “Mailboxes” in the upper right corner. If it doesn’t show up, tap the name of the Mailbox that does, such as “Inbox” or “Trash,” and then tap “Mailboxes.” In the Mail app, the folders are called “Mailboxes.”

Step 2

Tap “Edit” to make changes. Choose “New Mailbox,” then give the folder a name in the “Name” field. To make a subfolder, go to the Mailbox Location menu and choose a folder you’ve already made. Your new folder will be made inside that folder.

Step 3

You can delete any folder you made by tapping “Edit” and then dragging your finger to the right over the folder name in your mailbox. Click the “Delete” button.

Changing and removing Messages

Step 1

Open a Mailbox folder and tap the “Edit” button to select multiple emails. Touch the messages you want to delete or move. A check mark appears next to each message that was chosen.

Step 2

If you tap the “Delete” button, the emails will be moved to the “Trash” folder. Select the Trash folder from the Mailboxes screen and then tap the “Edit” button to clear it out. To empty the trash, tap “Delete All.”

Step 3

Tap “Move” to move the messages to a different folder, and then tap the name of the folder.

Step 4

To mark a message as “Read” or “Unread,” tap the “Mark” button.

Step 5

While an email is open, you can delete it or move it by tapping the “Trash” or “Folder” button below it.

Trying to Find Messages

Step 1

Open the “Mail” app and click “Inbox.” At the top of the list of messages, tap the “Search Inbox” field. The on-screen keyboard pops up.

Step 2

In a message, type any word or group of words. To search for messages by field, tap the “From,” “To,” or “Subject” buttons below the Search field. Click the “All” button to look for something in every field of the messages.

Step 3

To open a message, tap it in the list of search results. If you can’t find the email you want, try to narrow your search or look in another folder.