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How to Install Epson XP-860 Printer Setup

Epson printers are very robust and budget-friendly. For the home user, Epson offers various advanced printer models which are easy to install and access. XP-860 printer model has a small size which makes it a good choice for home use and small businesses. This inkjet device is multifunctional and can be connected wirelessly. This document should be used in reference to Epson Printers with a USB cable connection to a Windows computer. It is recommended to install the Epson full feature driver to have the most supported functionality of a USB-connected printer.

Unboxing Epson XP-860 Printer

  1. Place the box and remove the tape.
  2. Take out the Epson printer and cartridge.
  3. Check the box for the driver disc and cables.

Also, check the Epson manual and then connect the printer to electricity using the cable. When the power lamp is glowing on the Epson device, start configuring the printer.

Connecting your Epson XP-860 Printer to PC using Cable

Epson printers allow the cable connection with the PC. Users need a high-speed cable for connection. When you connect the printer using a cable, the speed will be excellent.

  1. Turn on the Epson XP-860 Printer.
  2. Use the cable to connect it to the PC.
  3. Wait until the PC recognizes the New Device

Now the user will see the printer name but can’t use it until the PC finds the driver. If you try to use the printer then Communication Error Epson status will appear on the screen. Now insert the Epson CD and copy the setup. For devices without a disc drive, download the driver for the XP-860 model from the Epson website. Run the setup on the PC and install the Epson driver. When the PC finds your driver, the printer status will change to available. Now open one document on PC and press Ctrl + P keys. Check the desktop for a print wizard.

You can make changes like print copies, size, etc and then select the Print option. Check the available devices list and choose the Epson XP-860 printer. Load the A4 size pages on Epson and get your printouts easily. After configuring the printer with a PC once, you don’t need to re-configure it every time. Now the user can connect the printer and use it. If you are connecting Epson to another PC, repeat these steps for configuring it to a new device.

Connecting Epson XP-860 Printer to the Network using Wi-Fi

In the network; you can share a printer among the connected systems. But the user must connect the Epson printer to a secured network. The speed of the Epson device is network printing will be a bit slower than a wired connection. Before you start connecting the printer; inspect for a few things. You should have the password of your access point. The router must have a WPS pin for connection. After checking these things, turn on the Epson printer and load the pages.

  1. Go to Epson printer and hit the Home button
  2. Tap the arrow button and choose the Wi-Fi setup option
  3. Press OK and choose Wi-Fi setup wizard
  4. The screen will show the available networks
  5. Tap on the network name

Press the OK button and if the user has entered the correct password then the Epson printer will get connected to the network. For confirmation, print the network status page. Go to the Epson printer and press down the arrow key to select the Setup option. Now go to the Network Settings page and then click on the Network status. Choose the Print Status Sheet. Hi OK and check the printer for the network status page. After configuring the Epson printer to network; go to the system connected to the network. Install the Epson XP-860 driver in it. Now give a print command for a document and check the available printers. Select your printer and wait for the printout.

Connecting Epson XP-860 Printer to Mobile Devices

For connecting the Epson to the Mobile, the user can use the network. Connect the smartphone to the network and you will find the printer easily. Before the connection, you have to install the Epson iPrint application from Play Store/App Store.

  1. Open the Epson iPrint application on the phone
  2. Select Printer not selected. Tap here option
  3. Users will see the available printers

Select the Epson XP-860 printer and done. Now open the document or image for taking the printout. When the network is not available then use the Wi-Fi direct method. Go to Epson iPrint app and select the Tap here option. Choose Wi-Fi direct setup and select Printer with LCD screen (if available). Now the user has to follow the screen to complete the printer connection. If there are multiple connections via USB, your computer may not have enough power to supply the power required for your printer to function properly; disconnect any other USB cables that are not being used