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How to Hide Friend List on Facebook?

Facebook was established for individuals to communicate easily. Deciding who to be friends with on the Facebook profile is a decision for the account owner. For this reason, people can manage friend requests coming to them. People added to Facebook friend list; They can closely follow each other’s Facebook posts. In addition, a close friend group can be opened on Facebook or lists can be prepared with different names. This is also a very easy option to choose who sees the shared content. To hide the Facebook friend list, you need to go to the privacy tab in the settings section.


  • What is Facebook Friend List?
  • How to Create a Friend List?
  • How to Hide Friend List?
  • How to Open Friend List to Friends Only?
  • How to Delete Friend List?
  • Where to View Facebook Friend Wish List?

How to Turn Off Facebook Profile Friend Request?

  • Facebook Friend List Sorted Alphabetically?

What is Facebook Friend List?

Anyone who receives a request to be a friend on Facebook and is accepted or accepted is added to the friend list. Every name interacted with and followed on Facebook is in the friend list. Friend lists are open to everyone unless the account owner does otherwise. This means that anyone can access the names on the friend list. You can hide the Facebook list completely in order to protect personal data. People who don’t want to hide their friend list completely can choose who gets access to it.


How to Create a Friend List?

To create a Facebook friend list, it is necessary to go to the settings section of Facebook. You can also do this process from the exploring page. People who want to divide their friend lists into groups can create new lists from the explore section if they wish.


Finding the Discover section on the home page

Clicking on the friend list article in the Discover section

If the friend list text is not visible, it is necessary to click on the three dots on the left. When you click here, you will see more text.

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Way to Hide Friend List?

The option to hide a Facebook friends list is a free option available to all users. Anyone who wants to hide their friends can hide their friend list in the settings and privacy section. It is also possible to specifically select who can see the friend list. Limiting the public list to friends is also among the preferred methods. However, here are the steps to follow for people who want to hide their friend list for everyone:


Opening your Facebook profile

Finding the Friends section

Select Edit Privacy at the top right of the friend list

when you press the hide button then the process starts. Faceboook respects your privacy and hides all the stuff that you want to remove from the public eyes.

In this order, facebook also gain more people towards their platform. Mark Zuckerberg is really doing a pretty good job for the privacy factor of his application user.

If you choose the Only Me option then only you can see the friendlist.


Way to Open Friend List to Friends Only?

People who want to edit their friend list from their Facebook profile should follow the steps above. However, people, who want to close their friend list only to people they are not friends with should select a target audience during setup. In order to choose who can see the friend list, first select the target audience and click on the friends from the target audience title.

How to Turn Off Facebook Profile Friend Request?

People who want to turn off their Facebook profiles to friend requests or determine who can send friend requests can change their settings. Restrictions offered by Facebook for sending friend requests; There are two groups, everyone, and friends of my friends. Here are the steps to follow to set who can send friend requests from Facebook:

Opening the Settings tab

Selecting the Privacy tab from the Settings and Privacy section

It is possible to edit who can send a friend request or not, via the Edit option that appears after selecting the title.

Anyone who wishes can choose the option.

Facebook Friend List Sorted Alphabetically?

The ordering of the names in the Facebook friend list depends on the Facebook infrastructure. In some periods, the most recently added people are at the top, while sometimes they are in alphabetical order. however, there is no update about it. People who want to arrange their friend list alphabetically will need to make an additional subscription to their account.