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Here is everything you want to know about Pedro Pascal.

Pedro Pascal is a well-known actor in the entertainment industry. From the hit HBO show Game of Thrones, he is best known as Oberyn Martell. Also, his roles in The Great Wall, the television series Triple Frontier, Narcos, and The Mandalorian were well known. Everyone is interested in Pedro Pascal’s life, career, relationships, and other things, so let’s talk about them.

Early Life

He was born in Santiago, Chile, on April 2, 1975. His full name is Jose Pedro Balmaceda Pascal. His parents’ names are Jose Balmaceda and Veronica Pascal Ureta. His mother works as a child psychologist, and his father works as a fertility doctor.

He does have a brother, though. His name is Lucas Balmaceda. He also acts in plays. No one knows where he went to grade school and high school. But he always liked swimming, and in 1986 he was in the state championship. Pascal went to the Orange County School of Arts and then chose to go to the Tisch School of the Arts for more education.


Pedro Pascal is single, but he dated Lena Headey, a professional actress and co-star in the Game of Thrones series. She had been in the series since 2014, but she quit after getting engaged.

Professional Life

Pedro’s first job was in the movie “Hermanas,” which came out in 2005. After that, Pedro did a show in 2011 at Paul De Santo. The Adjustment Bureau, Sweet Little Lies, Bloodsucking Bastards, Sweets, a European mercenary movie called The Great Wall, and many more were also popular Pedro movies.

Pedro Pascal worked with famous actors like Jing Tian, Andy Lau, and Willem Dafoe, among others. In 2018, he worked on three movies: Prospect, The Equalizer 2, and If Beale Street Could Talk. Pedro played an old pilot named Francisco Catfish Morales in the action-adventure film Triple Frontier.

He is done making the movie Wonder Woman 1984, which won’t come out until 2022. Gal Gadot, Kristen Wiig, and a lot of other talented people were in the movie. Pedro is working on a project called “We Can Be Heroes,” which will come out soon.

Pedro Pascal

Pedro, who has many skills, also did well in the TV show. Pedro’s most popular shows are Good vs. Evil, Downtown, Undressed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Touched by an Angel, Dio, NYPD Blue, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Without a Trace, Earth vs. Spider, and many more.

You’ll also be surprised to learn that he’s been in a lot of music videos, like Make Some Noise (2011), Fire Meet Gasoline, the music video for We Are One’s Imagine and more.

Net Worth

Pascal did well for himself by acting in movies, TV shows, and music videos. The amount of money Pedro Pascal has is close to $30 million.

Social Media

So many people like him that they follow him on social media. Pascal uses Instagram and has more than 1.4 million followers on his @pascalispunk account. Additionally, 137,100 people follow him on Facebook and 482,100 people follow him on Twitter.