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Emran Hashmi to Play Antagonist in Salman Khan Tiger 3?

According to recent Bollywood reports, Emraan Hashmi is set to travel to Russia to film Tiger 3 with Salman Khan.

Even though Katrina and Salman have already arrived in Russia for the start of filming, Hashmi will be joining them as well. On August 27, 2021, Emran is set to release his next picture, Chegre, which he’s currently marketing.

Tiger 3 has yet to receive an official confirmation that Emran Hashmi will play a villain alongside Salman Khan, despite rumors’ to the contrary.

According to a Rumohr, Hashmi’s opening sequence has a budget of Rs 10 crores.

Hashmi recently spoke to Bollywood Hungama and said, “I’ve never gone forth and claimed I am doing all those things.”

People will love him for playing an antagonist alongside Salman Khan, because he’s a good actor, he responded when Hashmi asked him about it.

Due to the film’s production timeline, Salman Khan will be required to film action sequences in Turkey and Austria, among five other international locations.

First-phase shooting is now taking place in St. Petersburg, Russia (Russia).

In Tiger 3, Maneesh Sharma will direct, which is the 3rd film in the series. Shah Rukh Khan will make a brief cameo appearance.