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Does Delta 9 Oil Help with Muscle Soreness?

Whether an athlete or someone who enjoys physically straining activities for fun, the muscle soreness that follows is no fun. After a workout, muscle soreness can bother many people, calling for a supplement.

Delta 9 THC Oil has emerged as the rising supplement for muscle pain and inflammation relief. Users report feeling gradual but significant improvement in muscle conditions after using the oils. So let us find out how you can use Delta 9 THC oil to help with your muscle problems.

Delta 9 oil


What Is Delta 9 THC Oil?

Delta 9 THC oil is a tincture with hemp extract; containing cannabinoids like CBD, THC, etc. Unlike other Delta 9 products, the oils have a higher CBD than THC. Since it has hemp extract, it has naturally present amounts of THC with CBD.

CBD occurs in larger quantities in hemp, so it dominates the oil. But being a full-spectrum oil is a benefit for the users. The terpenes and other cannabinoids help increase the efficiency of the oil in treating muscle pain and soreness. A study explored the usage and efficiency of cannabinoids, concluding that cannabis products are ideal for treating pain.

Delta 9 THC oil contains a base oil, full-spectrum hemp extract, and optionally flavorings. Such full spectrum THC CBD oils are available all over the online and retail market. Users can use them by ingesting the suggested amount or applying the oil to the target area.

Delta 9 oil


How Can Delta 9 Oil Lead to Muscle Relief?

If you have used or searched for Delta 9 before, you would know how much evidence has surfaced in support. Cannabis studies have revealed surprising benefits for users, making Delta 9 THC popular among non-users.

The benefits and applications of Delta 9 THC oils are endless, but we will only discuss the ones related to muscle relief. Below are the best benefits of Delta 9 THC oil for sore muscles and overall exhaustion:


Curbs Muscle Pain

Cannabis for pain is well-known among users and non-users alike. Delta 9 THC can interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system, signaling our body to relax. It can consequently help reduce pain and related discomfort in the users. Multiple studies reported how users felt less intense pain upon using THC for it.

Additionally, Delta 9 THC oil has both THC and CBD, making it even better for muscle pain. THC can help reduce the displeasing feeling of pain, and CBD can counter the cause, killing two birds with one stone.

Reduces Muscle Inflammation

Delta 9 oil can also reduce muscle inflammation, which leads to further discomfort. Inflammation is a natural occurrence that may increase upon workout. However, such inflammation makes it uncomfortable for the person to go on with their regular activities.

Delta 9 can assess places with inflammation upon interacting with the endocannabinoid system. Then it signals the body to restore its original state, thus reducing inflammation. It is quick and efficient, showing results within an hour of consumption. Hence, many people enjoy using the oil externally to curb inflammation.

Induces Quality Sleep

Muscle soreness is uncomfortable, but it can create worse consequences like sleeplessness. In a state of discomfort, it is tough for the person to fall and stay asleep. But such lack of sleep only adds to the problems.

THC can help you fall asleep by reducing pain and stress. Once you fall asleep after taking Delta 9, it will also help you achieve consistent deep sleep. During the sleeping process, a lot of muscle discomfort will lower naturally. Sleep would also help you remain active the next day and continue your workouts.


External Application Vs. Ingestion: Which Is Better?

Muscle pain medicines often come as topical products like balms or creams. Since muscle pain is a specific area, using topical products helps get more targeted benefits. In the case of Delta 9 THC oil, many users wonder which method is superior. Technically, both work efficiently- they only have varying effects and benefits.


External Application Features:

  • You can apply the oil over the area you feel the pain in to get relief. (Use Delta 9 THC oils made for external application.)
  • The effects will be slower but just as efficient as the ingestion method.
  • You won’t have to face any psychoactive effects since the oil will get absorbed into your blood.
  • You might not enjoy other benefits like improved sleep quality due to this method.


Ingestion Features:

  • You can use the dropper to drop some Delta 9 THC oil under your tongue and ingest it.
  • The benefits would be slightly faster than the external application method.
  • You would feel slight euphoria and psychoactive effects since you would consume it.
  • You can also enjoy added benefits like lower anxiety, stress, and better sleep.

Why Not CBD Oil?

THC is infamous among some users because it has some psychoactive effects. It gives the users a ‘high’ when consumed in larger doses. Hence, many people hesitate before using THC as they do not prefer such effects. So one would wonder why you shouldn’t just go for CBD oil instead of THC?

Sure, CBD oil also works efficiently for pain and muscle soreness relief. However, sometimes such CBD oils have CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD extract. Isolate has only CBD, while the broad spectrum includes CBD with some other terpenes. However, neither have all of the cannabinoids or terpenes present in hemp naturally.

To achieve all of these, a manufacturer must add full-spectrum extract. Hence, it becomes a Delta 9 THC oil from simply CBD oil. It encourages the ‘entourage effect,’ which takes place only in the presence of all terpenes. It leads to enhanced benefits of the oils.

THC quantities are not overwhelming in THC, making it safe to use without excessive psychoactive effects. You might feel a buzz and euphoria, but it would be bearable for most users.


Workouts are tremendously enjoyable and helpful, but they also leave behind much physical discomfort. Pushing your body to the limits of physical exertion can take a toll on your muscles and lead to soreness. But such soreness must never stop you from training yourself even harder.

You can use supplements like Delta 9 THC oil to curb the pain, muscular discomfort, and inflammation. Using delta 8 or Delta 9 oil before or after your workout will ensure that your muscles stay pain and discomfort free.