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A custom Kraft box is one of the most economical and custom options available for the savvy retailer. With options such as personalized message, photo or scripture you will find great value in this product. Custom boxes are a convenient low-cost way to safely and securely deliver and protect your ordered goods.

When creating or customizing a custom box, it is important to keep in mind that you can either order your box without any printing, or you can have your box printed with any number of custom designs, and text choices. As an example, a photo custom box can include a favorite photograph or image. You can also order your box without a message at all or simply have a scripture or script word used on the box. Your clients can also use the boxes as other alternate storage, such as a shoe bag, to keep their shoes where they belong.

. This creates your box solution a one-of-a-kind box, with a long shelf life and unparalleled convenience for all your goods.

All Kraft box types come with different lid choices. Lids for your cardboard options come in a variety of materials, including heavy duty polyethylene, flexible corrugated or standard heavy duty cardboard lids. The thick or heavy duty material you choose will depend on the contents of your box.

With custom Kraft boxes, you can offer almost anything you want to your customers. For instance, you can customize the custom papers used on your packaging to your particular clients. If your business caters to professional or business attire, you can customize the boxes with black or dark blue paperboard that will make your items stand out in a crowd. If your business caters to children or fun or playful items you can custom box lids with bright colors or simple ones, for example the basic color of light blue or the logo of your favorite sports team. And for promotional items you can give them Kraft paperboard to use as buttons, laminates, labels or more.


You can also find custom boxes cutouts in different shapes. These cutouts range in size from small to large in order to fit any size of box perfectly. You can choose standard cut outs, hot foil stamping cut outs, or custom cut outs in order to customize your products. Or you can offer cutouts in unique shapes such as a human face, animals, cars, or anything else you may think of to draw attention to your products or company. These cutouts are great for custom wrapping and giving away as gifts as well.

You can also add Kraft paperboard strips along the outside or inside of your boxes in order to add depth. Adding these paperboard strips along the outside or inside of the boxes will create a great looking package as well as help protect your products.

There are many more options to customize your Kraft boxes. Using hot foil stamping, Kraft paper boxes, and custom printed boxes you can customize and personalize anything that needs extra treatment. Give anything a new, unique look. Use your own imagination and you can come up with hundreds of great ways to make your boxes resolution.

 It can be packaging any kind of product and for any purpose. 

Kraft boxes offer high-quality packing materials at affordable prices. They are excellent for storing and shipping different kinds of products. These boxes can come in different shapes and sizes, including various kinds of corrugated and flat boxes. You can order custom Kraft boxes for superior protection of goods. Most clients can also expect custom Kraft box packaging on bulk rates, too.

 There are a lot of ways to do so depending on the purpose and need. The following are some of the things you can customize in order to suit your specific needs. These may range from color to the location and events where the box will be used.

– Colors: For special and custom packaging, you can always request for the appropriate color. Aside from the general color, you can also request for cutouts and custom designs in the boxes. Kraft has a lot of options for cutouts. These include cartoons and images, shapes, and more.

– Box Style: Another thing that can be custom printed on custom Kraft boxes is the style. Here, you can specify the shape, size, and color of the box to get your message across effectively.

– Straight Tuck Boxes: Some companies can offer Kraft boxes with straight tuck, fold-flat packing option. Although this is a unique method of manufacturing, it cannot be ordered directly from them. This type of box has become popular in the past few years because of its convenience and durability. In addition, you can order them in different sizes according to the requirements of your customers.

– Hot Flush Stamping: You can also request for hot foil stamping or custom cutouts on Kraft boxes to customize your packaging material. Companies that offer hot foil stamping service can use heat sealers to print your box’s design on your box’s surface. You can choose any design and colors to match your product’s theme and brand name.

With these options in mind, you can easily create the right kind of packaging solution for your products. To find the right provider, you can browse the internet and contact various companies to ask about their rates and services. By getting a good supplier, you can save money in the long run.

You can also choose packaging solutions based on color, size and visibility. There are many companies that offer boxes in all possible sizes, including smaller, medium and large ones. If you want your packaging materials to be visible to customers, you can opt for color Kraft boxes so they can easily be seen. If you want your packaging materials to be discreet, you can contact a small, medium or large sized box supplier so they can meet your requirements.

A heavy item is always preferable to carry in a heavy-duty box to ensure its safety. You can also have the bottom Kraft boxes equipped with lids or tops to protect your product inside from dust, moisture and light. To make it a safe shipping option, you can place heavy items at the bottom of your shipping carton so that they can withstand the pressures at the very beginning of your delivery journey. 

The best thing about custom printed Kraft boxes is that you can personalize them according to your needs. If you want to send out press releases or any other products to your clients, you can add your personal touch so that the recipients will get a kick out of reading your announcements. You can even add a nice line on your custom printed Kraft paper boxes with a short note about your company or your business. If you want to use the box to display or promote your products, you can use the box as a display case in your office or as an accessory for your computer, music system or television. Whatever you want to do with your custom printed boxes, you will surely be able to make your box your own business marketing and advertising instrument.