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Checklist before Trying Out a New Brand

People who have seen the world of shopping changing and developing remember the time when there were only few famously known retailers. While the choice to pick your next outfit or get a pair of nice shoes was limited, few brands meant few competition and few chances of being confused. If you are an avid buyer you must realize how hard it is to stop from something that appeals your eyes but at the same time it’s not so easy to place your trust on an entirely new brand.

Your urge to try out something famous might make you opt for something that isn’t worthy of your money or worse you don’t get anything at all. Paying online and getting something shipped for far land has many chances of being scammed but if you are so consistent to try out a new brand that sounds reasonable (why shouldn’t you), then here are some steps to follow and discover whether the brand is legit or not.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews speak everything about a product. It is true that no matter how popular a company or brand is, or how well they have been known to treat their customers, there will be some negative reviews. After all it’s impossible to satisfy all the customers and sometimes, let’s be honest, even the biggest of brands mess up. If you are making a purchase from a startup or a company you haven’t tried before make sure to check out the reviews online.

Since internet is also full of lies don’t just go for a single site to read the reviews but rely on really trusted pages to know whether or not a brand is full of it. For instance you can easily discover the Tbdress reviews which got a great hype in the past few months. Reading reviews online will give you a clear picture.


Companies are known for their customer care policies and this is how things should be. A company which is flexible to make their customers feel valued seems like a reliable brand. But make sure while you are reading and enjoying the kind policies, are they too good to be true? Sometimes all that glitters isn’t gold. And sometimes these are just cheap tactics to entice the customers into the web of paying for a product.

Shipping Procedure

Shipping policy will tell everything about the attitude of a brand. Make sure not to trust blindly on the timeline a brand sets for shipping. To expect a delay of 1-2 days should be normal but to get products late even after week? That should ring some bell. And what’s the point of buying a dress if you are getting it delivered after the party has been done and dusted?

Also, don’t pay too much for delivery charges since paying a hefty amount of delivery fee is a big no-no in professional world of shopping.

Return Policy

Brands that offer return policy are responsible and they are here to take full guarantee of their product. Offering returns and exchange is also a way to show that the company won’t leave their customer alone. If a brand offers returns they are more likely to invest a lot in a product so there are minimum to zero chances of quality or other claims. Make sure you read the return policy before adding those products to cart. And to read the genuine return policy it is important to check the official website only.


You had an issue with a service you sent a message and it seems like the company you are trying to reach reside sin Stone Age! How can you expect a company to be considerate when they cannot be available online? Customer care is a big part of brand image and promise and if a company is lazy or reluctant to deal with you online then don’t make a mistake of purchasing the products, no matter how pretty they look.

Payment Method

While payment methods are not a clear indication that whether a company is good or bad but they do speak about the authenticity of a brand. The more reliable and famous sources of payments the more chances of brand being recognized and able to live up to their promises. Such companies are also registered so you have lesser chances of being scammed.


If it’s a product such as furniture, electrical appliance or even something big that you won’t buy easily, then don’t let go without warranty or guarantee. Make sure you learn about the companies take on claims and how they respond to damaged products.

Reality Check

Is the deal too good to be true? Sometimes if something is too good to be true chances are it is not true. And finding a sexy silk gown in a price that won’t even buy you a basic t-shirt, don’t be a fool to believe that. Sales or promotions are one thing but if a brand has images of luxurious couture marked with the flea market prices, you need to knock some sense into that brain.