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Yogi’s Guide to Chair Yoga Poses for Everyone

Do you find it hard to practice Hatha yoga poses without support? Ever heard of Chair yoga? It is a gentle form of yoga that you can practice while sitting in a chair. The poses in chair yoga for beginners help you practice yoga even if you lack proper mobility.

Want to know more about this gentle yoga style? Yoga experts have come up with a small guide.

Guide to Chair Yoga

Chair yoga consists of traditional yoga poses that you practice while sitting on a chair. It is a comfortable way for everyone to learn and practice yoga. Having the support of a chair makes it easy for the elderly and those with a physical disabilities to practice yoga.

Yogi's Guide to Chair Yoga Poses for Everyone

That is not all! There are some major benefits to making chair yoga a part of your daily life.

Benefits of Chair Yoga

Someone once said – Exercise is the best medicine.

That said, chair yoga for beginners is also quite effective for everyone. It gives you a sense of relaxation that flows through the entire body. There are a few advantages to making chair yoga a part of your daily routine.

1. Improves Flexibility

The primary effect of yoga is seen in your level of mobility and flexibility. Chair yoga has poses that help your muscles undergo gentle stretching and twisting. It makes this yoga style the best yoga for overweight beginners style.

2. Helps Develops Balance

Poor functioning of the Vestibular system causes a loss of body balance. Chair yoga comes in handy here as well. It works wonders to improve your focus level, strength, alignment, and agility. This reduces the risk of accidental falls during later years.

3. Strengthens Bones & Joints

Bone deterioration starts as you age. Moreover, blood flow to your tissue and body reduces as you develop an inactive lifestyle. This makes your body consume calcium and phosphate from the bones. But, chair yoga for beginners promotes blood circulation and strengthens bones. It is quite beneficial if you suffer from Osteoporosis or Arthritis.

4. Improves Sleep Quality

A lack of exercise and stress cause sleep imbalance. Many chair yoga poses improve your sleeping pattern on a qualitative and quantitative basis.

For you to reap these benefits, it is important to know which chair yoga for beginners asanas are perfect.

Best Chair Yoga Poses for Everyone

Given below are 3 chair yoga for beginners poses that anyone can do with ease.

1. Chair Mountain Pose

The perfect beginner-level yoga asana you can practice with a chair. The mountain pose engages your core muscles.

Steps to Practice

  • Sit on the front edge of the chair with both feet on the floor.
  • Keep both feet hip-width apart and ankles under your knees.
  • Keep your spine erect and tall. Place both arms by your body’s side.
  • Inhale. Open your chest and lengthen the spine. Draw your navel in toward the spine.
  • Exhale. Push down the sitting bones into the chair.
  • Stretch your arms by the body’s side with each inhale.
  • Roll your shoulders down and relax both arms on exhale.

2. Chair Eagle Pose

This chair yoga for beginners poses stretches and bends your shoulder joints. It also relaxes your upper back and improves blood circulation in your arms.

Steps to Practice

  • Sit in the chair with your feet on the floor.
  • Keep both arms on your thighs and back straight.
  • Inhale. Open your arms by the side at shoulder level.
  • Exhale. Bring your arms in front. Swing your right arm under the left arm.
  • Wrap both arms around each other. Bend your elbows till the right fingertip meets the left palm.
  • Inhale. Lift your elbows a bit higher.
  • Exhale. Roll your shoulders away from the ears.
  • Do a few breaths.
  • Switch arms.

3. Chair Warrior Pose I

Warrior I pose is the best yoga exercise to stretch your shoulders, triceps, spine, and abdominal muscles.

Steps to Practice

  • Sit in the chair. Keep the back of the chair on your right side.
  • Sweep the left leg across the chair. Extend it backwards and keep your toes on the floor.
  • Bend your left leg with your foot on the floor.
  • Inhale. Raise your arms overhead.
  • Open your chest and lengthen the spine.
  • Hold this pose for a few breaths. Release it and switch leg positions.

Note: If you are not flexible. Practice it with the Seated Mountain pose.


The chair yoga for beginners is an excellent yoga style for those with poor flexibility. But as a beginner, you too can learn chair yoga under the guidance of experienced yoga teachers.