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Best Roku Alternatives 2022

Many people have used the Roku for many years because of its user-friendly design and long history of popularity. However, Amazon Prime and YouTube TV have recently been plagued with problems. There are also a growing number of streaming services to choose from.

So if you’re thinking about upgrading to a new streaming device, there are a number of Roku alternatives you can look into.

Best Roku Alternatives 2022

Alternatives to Roku that Are Better

Google TV is Android TV with improvements. It includes all of the same services and apps as the classic, plus Google Assistant and Chromecast.

It first appeared on “Chromecast With Google TV” in 2020 and is now on all Sony and some TCL TVs. It offers all of Android TV’s benefits with a friendlier, less cluttered interface and different content recommendations.

It’s visually appealing, simple, accessible, and great at suggesting what to watch later. This is shown by how search results are fair.

Top recommendations will always come from streaming platforms you already subscribe to at the highest quality, not Google trying to sell you stuff you already have.


  1. The voice assistant on Google TV is a very user-friendly feature that is typically found on most Android smartphones these days, making it an excellent alternative to other options.
  2. It is significantly more affordable, with a starting rate of only $50, and
  3. Includes a display with a resolution of 4k and a sound system that uses Dolby Atmos.


  1. It only has a small capacity for streaming and downloads.
  2. It doesn’t support multiple users features yet.

2-Apple TV

Apple TV supports multi-users and has fast HDR frame rates. This expensive media streaming device is amazing.

The Apple TV premium includes a sleek remote for navigating menus. Siri’s voice recognition allows voice control.

Apple TV offers some privacy. Roku tracks your viewing habits more than Apple.


  1. If you’re already in the application ecosystem, this TV service is for you because it’s fast.
  2. Apple TV has ample storage and is great for casual gaming, unlike Google TV.
  3. Apple’s TV has its own famous software.


  1. This TV streaming service starts at $180, making it the most expensive.
  2. It works well with Apple devices, but not with others.

3-Amazon Fire TV

Fire TV is a customized version of Android for Amazon’s media. Prime Video and Prime Music are heavily promoted on Fire TV players. Fire TV has standalone apps for Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube.

The ‘Max’ premium version launches apps quickly and is easy to navigate.

The Max includes Wi-Fi 6 and the latest playback protocols, including Dolby Vision. Max’s drawbacks include its Fire TV interface and ads.


  1. Amazon’s best feature is voice-command AI Alexa.
  2. It’s cheaper than Roku during peak times.
  3. HDR 10+ video and Dolby Atmos audio are included.


  1. Amazon’s UI is more complex than Roku’s. By paying more, you can stream in 4K resolution.
  2. Amazon’s remote lacks volume buttons.

4- NVIDIA Sheild TV

When it was first released in May 2015, Nvidia advertised the Shield TV as a micro console, indicating that it was designed with gamers in mind.

In comparison to the non-Pro model, the Pro has more RAM and internal storage (both models can be used with external storage), as well as Nvidia’s G-Force Now technology, which is optimized for gaming.


  1. High-end games can be played on this TV streaming device because it has the best hardware.
  2. Streams can be longer because of the high amount of storage. as well as an impressive software support network.
  3. The 4K resolution capability of the installed Chromecast even allows users to view media from their smartphones and other devices.


  1. Even though it starts at $150, it quickly uses up all of the 8GB of internal storage when downloading all the apps.

5- TiVo Stream 4K

With the live TV integration, a recording feature, and the Google Assistant to carry out your spoken instructions for this device, cable TV users will be delighted. The company’s media share includes more than 5,000 apps.


  1. The majority of streaming apps are supported.
  2. HDR+ and Dolby Atmos are included in this device.
  3. A Chromecast is also built-in for easy project management.


  1. It has a poor user interface, which results in an unpleasant experience.
  2. In addition, the service’s channel recommendations fall short of those of other services.

6-Now TV Smart Stick

The Now Stick can replace the Roku Stick as a streaming device. The Now Stick can turn any non-smart TV smart by adding Disney+, BT Sport, and YouTube.


  1. The Now stick is similar to the Roku stick but much cheaper.
  2. Its small size makes the TV’s surroundings cleaner.


  1. Voice command recognition isn’t great.
  2. The base pack is 720p.
  3. HD resolution and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio cost extra.

Botton Line!

Amazon Prime Video and Prime Music are heavily promoted on Fire TV. Amazon Fire TV is a customized version of Android for Amazon’s media streaming service. This expensive media streaming device is amazing. It first appeared on “Chromecast With Google TV” in 2020 and is now on all Sony and some TCL TVs. It works well with Apple devices, but not with others.

The Now Stick is a streaming device that can replace the Roku Stick as a TV-streaming device.

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