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Best Movie APKs You Can Download and Stream

This article contains the best streaming apps to stream movies and TV shows. Let’s get started.

What’s in this Post?

These are the top Movie Apps for Android that you can use to download movies, web series, and TV shows.

  1. Bee TV
  2. YouTube
  3. Cinema HD
  4. Tea TV
  5. Netflix
  6. MovieBox
  7. Oreo TV
  8. VideoBuddy

Movie APKs

Bee TV

BeeTV is a streaming app available for free download that can be described as an unlocked Amazon Prime or Netflix. When you search for a movie or series, the app will show a list with links up to MB. To watch or download any content, click on the link. Bee TV’s interface looks similar to Netflix and doesn’t contain annoying ads. The Android app allows you to watch new movies and is completely free.

You can download the video using ADM Downloader manager or stream it with Titan player for Android mobile.


YouTube is the most popular video streaming site, with more than a billion visitors per month. YouTube has a large library of TV and independent movies. You can either download the content to your mobile device or download it offline.

YouTube has a wide range of movies from different countries, including Spanish, Indian, and Turkish cinemas. YouTube has a Movies Section with many great movies that you can watch for free. YouTube offers many independent movies and programs. YouTube has many amazing features such as suggestions, quality settings, and subtitles.

Cinema HD

Cinema HD is the current best streaming app. It’s a combination of ShowBox TV and Terrarium TV. It is an excellent alternative to Nova TV. You can enjoy many of its features for free. When you search for a movie, there are much streaming and downloading options.

To see a list of streams, search for the movie. To play the movie, click on the link. You only need internet access.

Tea TV

TeaTV is an Android app that allows you to stream, download, and watch TV shows and movies for free. The app has been intuitively designed and built with the greatest care. TeaTV supports 1080p and allows you to access TV and movies from your Fire device.

TeaTV is an alternative to ShowBox and Terrarium TV. You can download the content. TeaTV offers a movie guide that includes information about upcoming movies, trailers, and reviews. You can also track your watch history with the pause resume option for quick access.

TeaTV Features

  • Keep track of all your movies
  • Films are free
  • The Most Recent Movies and TV Shows
  • Simple and clutter-free design
  • HD streaming supported


Netflix is the new king of streaming. Netflix is the perfect place to binge-watch movies and shows as well as other top-rated programs. Netflix has the largest selection of TV shows as well as animations, classics, anime, documentaries, and its own originals.

Netflix is the most popular online entertainment platform because of its accessibility and high-quality content. Netflix is the best choice if you are serious about finding high-quality TV shows and movies, dramas, info-dramas, and other entertainment.


MovieBox is the most popular online movie streaming app. Its user interface is simple and intuitive, making it the most popular. It is the most widely used online streaming app, and it offers many free features. It is an alternative to paid streaming services like Netflix which offers audio-visual content for free.

According to the Google Policies & Conditions, the app is not listed in the Google Play Store. It is possible to find the app in the Play Store. If you’d rather, you can also download the apk file directly to your Android smartphone.

Oreo TV

Orea TV is an Android live TV and movie streaming application. Oreo TV offers a simple, clean experience with streaming. The app’s interface is clean and easy to navigate. The app can be accessed quickly using an existing subscription or log-in.

You can watch the main Indian Live TV Channels & Movies. However, you also have many international channels and movies to choose from. The app streams HD movies if they are available. This premium streaming app should be installed on every Android device.


VideoBuddy is an Android app that allows you to stream, download, and stream movies, TV shows, music, and other TV programs from India. VideoBuddy provides movies, music, series, and streaming from many streaming sites including YouTube, WhatsApp YouTube, YouTube, Instagram, and YouTube.

VideoBuddy is an entertainment app that targets Indian audiences. It offers movies, TV shows, and other content for free. It is easy to stream or download the content.

Note and Conclusion

With the Apps above, you can watch movies and then download them to your Android smartphone. This post was helpful, I hope. Please comment below if you have any questions or need support.