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Activate Discovery Go on Roku, Apple TV Fire Stick, DirecTV

Discovery GO is a free channel with tones of entertainment. Most of its shows can be streamed online or on multiple devices.

Although the app is free, most episodes require a satellite or cable TV subscription.

If you don’t want to pay for a TV provider, you may watch the same shows on Discovery+. Starting at $4.99 per month with a free 1-week trial.

The channel updates their app with new episodes and series. It then retains a few unlocked for consumers who don’t use a TV provider.

To watch episodes without signing in, you must first activate Discovery GO.

To get , Discovery  Go on Roku, Fire Stick, DirecTV Now, or Apple TV, you must first download the app.

The app works on most smartphones, even phones from the last five years. Nowadays, all Smart TVs come with pre-loaded apps and allow you to add additional.

Add Discovery GO to their channel or app shops. Adding adds the channel on your TV.

Activating Discovery GO is the final step before you can begin watching as many episodes as you like. Activating Discovery GO with DirecTV will be used as an example.


Activate Discovery Go on Roku, Apple TV Fire Stick, DirecTV

Connect Roku or premium IPTV services to Discovery GO

  • Go to Roku home
  • Try searching for DirecTV.
  • Add a Channel
  • Wait for Roku to add it.
  • Returner a la Maison
  • Pick DirecTV

Automatically configures the channel to your device. After autoconfigure:

  • Register for DirecTV.
  • Find Discovery below. GO
  • Start the channel
  • It will show an activation code.
  • Discovery.com/activate
  • Activation code
  • Choosing a provider on the following page (DirecTV)

To watch videos, you must first authenticate your Discovery GO code. Instead of installing the DirecTV app, you can add the channel. So:

  • Go to the Roku channel store.
  • Look for the Discovery Channel app on Roku.
  • Add a new channel by clicking the Add Channel button.
  • Open the network
  • Get an activation code by following the instructions on.
  • Take a look at discovery.com/activate to get started
  • Enter the Roku access code for the Discovery channel.
  • Decide on a TV service provider.

Start watching Discovery GO shows on your Roku by following the instructions.

Use the Fire Stick to turn on Discovery GO

To use the channel, you must first download it to your Fire Stick. Then you should do the following:

  • Fire Stick Discovery
  • Your screen will show a code
  • Discovery Activate
  • Activation code
  • Select a TV provider

You won’t connect the channel. Follow the same steps for Apple TV.

To use Discovery GO, you need a satellite or cable TV subscription. You can then view an infinite number of shows on the channel.

Although the app is free, the quantity of videos available on Discovery GO is limited.

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