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5 Things that Can Help Us Get Better Sleep

All humans need sleep for optimum health and wellbeing. Sleep is essential to many body processes like weight loss, digestion, healing, etc. It is more than a nighttime ritual where people shut down and become unconscious.  

Many things like stress, medications, disturbance, and others affect sleep health, resulting in insomnia.  

As a result, humans need to avoid these things that hinder good sleep and strive for optimum sleep every night. However, not everyone is lucky to get the required sleep per night.  

Yet, lack of sleep sets the stage for various health issues like obesity, high blood pressure, etc. The good news is you can do many things to improve your sleep health. You can adopt many healthy habits that will improve your sleep and boost your overall health.  

Rather than considering sleeping pills, this article will shed light on various things one can do to improve sleep health and reduce insomnia: 

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Use CBD Oil 

One can also tap into nature to improve sleep, and CBD is one of the natural substances to improve sleep. CBD comes from the hemp plant and features a series of alkaloids that benefit the body you can also Get more information on CBD concentrate here to let you know more benefits of it.  

CBD helps the body reduce stress, anxiety, pain, and depression that might hinder sleep. These are a series of issues that make sleep difficult for many. As a result, CBD can deal with the root causes of sleeplessness, which provides a long-term solution to insomnia.  

Based on a Journal of Clinical Pharmacology study, participants had 160 mg of CBD oil and had a profound and refreshing sleep compared to the control subject. CBD also reduces the time spent in the REM sleep stage – the sleep stage where dream occurs.  

CBD is available in various forms like CBD oil, CBD gummies, bath bomb, vaping, etc. You can use it any based on your preference and what you have available.  

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Try getting a Massage. 

Another way to improve your sleep health is to consider massage. Research conducted in 2015 revealed that you could improve your sleep health with a massage. In addition to improved sleep health, participants had reduced pain, enhanced depression levels, and better anxiety levels. 

If you have access to a professional massage in your vicinity, go for it. The act will reduce muscles and tension in various body parts as the masseur performs his magic on different body parts. However, consider a self-massage or ask a friend or partner to give you if a professional masseur is far from you. 

Consider Light Therapy 

When you don’t get enough light exposure in the daytime, it might be challenging to fall asleep. As a result, light therapy is another way to improve your sleep health.  

Melatonin is a body hormone in charge of sleep and is produced around nighttime. There is an internal body clock that takes a cue from external light. This works with the melatonin content of the body. When the body doesn’t have enough melatonin at night, falling asleep might be difficult.  

With this, endeavor to get enough light exposure during the day. When it’s time to sleep, dim all light sources to give the body a clue to trigger melatonin production.  

Try Mindful Meditation 

When people find it difficult to sleep, they are carried away. It could either be due to things that happened in the past or future events. When the mind is fixated on such, sleep will be hard.  

With mindful meditation, you can redirect your attention to the moment such that sleeping will be easy. One will sit in a spot and observe the body, feelings, and thoughts as they pass through the body. It would be best if you used your breath to reconfigure your attention.  

This habit comes with many benefits, and improved sleep is just one. Meditation can improve immunity, reduce stress levels, and ease anxiety and depression – some of the factors responsible for insomnia.  


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Check Your Food Choice 

The nature of food also goes a long way to affect sleep health. Here are food choices you should reduce or avoid before sleeping: 

  • Alcohol: Even though alcohol might make you sleep faster, it disrupts the sleep cycle as you will probably wake up in the middle of your sleep. With alcohol, you will hardly get to the Rapid Eye Movement sleep stage. Besides, don’t forget that alcohol is liquid. As a result, you will probably wake up to empty your bladder many times.  
  • Soda and Coffee: You should not take soda and coffee in the evening due to the caffeine content. Restrict soda and coffee to the early hours of the day. It is a stimulant that will likely keep you awake and active.  
  • Green tea: Even though green tea is a good choice for weight loss, ensure not use it in the evening. It contains stimulants that might mess with your sleep. The stimulant disturbs the heartbeat, which increases nervousness and supports anxiety.  


You need not resort to sleeping pills to improve your sleep health. Simply adopting some healthy habits can go a long way to beating insomnia and boosting your sleep health.  

Here are five things that can help improve your sleep health.