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5 Easy Ways to Watch Shows on Netflix That Are Blocked in Your Country

No matter how smart we believe we are, not everyone can watch the same shows and movies on Netflix. Even worse, we saw a little bit of that movie or show once and were totally hooked.

If it had been blocked, then maybe it wasn’t worth seeing after all.

New information has arrived! No matter where you live, there are many more ways than you can imagine to watch your favorite shows and movies. This article shows you five easy ways to watch Netflix shows and movies when you’re not in your home country.

5 Easy Ways to Watch Shows on Netflix That Are Blocked in Your Country

Method 1: Use a virtual private network (VPN)

When you connect your phone or computer to a virtual private network (VPN), all of your data goes through a secure encrypted connection to the server you choose. This means that you can still watch Netflix even if your country doesn’t allow you to.

It’s easy to get the app going (or download one). When you start the program and click “Connect,” it immediately sets up a secure tunnel between your computer or phone and their server, sending all outgoing connections through them.

So, when a user tries to access a site like Netflix again, the site won’t be able to tell which country was using their connection because the traffic will look like it’s coming from the same place it always does, not from a country like China or Turkey.

However, if you didn’t know how to change your Netflix country before, it’s easy and quick to do so now. But before making a decision, you should look for a VPN service that works with Netflix.

Method 2: Make use of Smart DNS

You can get to Netflix from anywhere in the world if you use DNS to connect to a proxy server. You have to set up your device and then use it as a proxy for this method to work, but it’s not hard to do.

To set up your device for smart DNS, you will need to:

  1. You can find your VPN provider by going to Settings > Network & Internet > Connection > OpenVPN. If your VPN provider offers one of these services, they should tell you how to make this happen automatically.

  2. Under “General” on that page, look for the section called “Connection Settings”

  3. If anybody tries to connect via Wi-Fi or modem but fails, even though they don’t have access yet, click “Connect.”

  4. If everything goes as planned, you should be able to connect to them directly via their network via an encrypted tunnel. This way, no one else can see what’s going on between them.

Method 3: Go where it’s available

Sometimes, when you can’t leave your country, you can still stream Netflix shows that aren’t allowed there. If you leave your home country for a short time, you might be able to figure out how to get access.

If you want a quick fix but don’t want to give up everything else in your life, this is something you might want to look into.

What is it? It only works if there’s a place you can go (like a city or neighborhood where all the TV shows you want to watch are shown) and if it doesn’t cost too much on plane tickets, hotels, etc., so make absolutely sure those things don’t come into play before going this route!

Method 4: Change the URL

If you wish to watch Netflix shows that aren’t allowed in your country, you should choose option 4. All you have to do to accomplish this is use a VPN to change your IP address.

One way to watch Netflix shows that aren’t available in your area is to change your IP address. Here are a few things to think about:

You may hide your online location with a VPN. If one website bans access from specific regions or countries, another won’t be able to see what’s there. Users can access material from any country without visiting it with this approach of changing locations!

Method 5: Think about hiring a VPN provider that offers cloud services in the country you want

Using a VPN service with servers in the country you want to access Netflix from is the best option. Having a static IP address means you can watch videos without adjusting your network or device settings.

Make sure your internet service provider (ISP) lets you have a dedicated IP address with unlimited bandwidth by sending them an email or giving them a call. Your ISP may offer different plans based on how much data you’ve used in the past.

Bottom Line!

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