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10-Healthy Habits you Must Implement in Your Life

You should be committed towards making healthier choices! How we live our lives each day determines our lives which is why even small, daily habits that are healthy can lead to a better life.


This list is intended to be a source of inspiration.  You should try to implement these healthy habits in your life slowly. Begin with implementing one or two and you will end up following all later.

10-Healthy Habits you Must Implement in Your Life

1. Put Healthy Food Front & Center in Your Kitchen


This is a simple one since it’s so easy to begin: simply put a few bowls or plates containing your favourite healthy foods in a spot on the kitchen counter. Why? The reason that a U-Penn Study revealed is when you are able to fill your home with nutritious and whole food items, you’re more likely to begin eating these foods. If you place healthy options prominently in your kitchen, you’ll just be more likely to consume healthy food.

2. Take a walk every day to boost your health and wellbeing.


A regular walk is so beneficial and often undervalued. It’s actually among the most healthy and easy actions you can take! Start getting into the habit of walking during your lunchtime or going for an evening stroll with your family after dinner. Walking every day also helps in keeping you mentally fit. Dr. R.K.Suri, the best psychologist in India says daily walks refresh your brain and mind. He adds “we highly recommend a daily walk of 30 minutes”.  Being outdoors (ideally in nature) is linked to numerous advantages.  “Spending at least two hours per day in the outdoors linked with health and well-being. “.

3. Contact a friend


Spending your time with friends can enhance your happiness and decrease stress. Regular contact with friends is an essential part of being mentally healthy. Here are a few things you should talk about to your friends: 1.) Let them know you think of them, 2.) remind them why their friendship is so special, and 3) discuss the future or organize a social gathering. Find best psychologist near you if you feel lonely.

4. Take one glass of water early in the morning daily


I started with drinking a glass of water first in the morning when I got up. It was an awesome habit that was fairly easy to develop. I generally want a drink once I get up which is why I take as much water as I can before having my morning coffee, or my breakfast.

5. Take 3 portions of fruit and vegetables every day


Consider setting a fixed amount of portions of fruits and vegetables you’d like to consume every day. I’m sure 3 is lower than what’s recommended but it’s an excellent start. I’m sure reading this you will be including 3 portions of fruits and veggies everyday.

6. Training for 20mins, 3-4 times per week


It’s not necessary to go to gym for your workout. Perform squats and jumping jacks, planks as well as other bodyweight exercises at home for 20 minutes daily. One hour of fitness per week equals .5 percent of your week. It’s possible to achieve that. Incorporating one healthy habit in your routine can make you healthy and  increasing your strength. Start Making healthier lifestyle choices. Do not hoping to shed 10 pounds over three weeks or to suddenly make the switch to a vegan lifestyle. Instead start with including healthier lifestyle into your everyday life. Habits lasting for the rest of your life.

7. 5 minutes of stretching before getting ready for bed


Stretching is a great way to prevent injuries and help improve posture. Additionally, stretching before bed , it will assist you in relaxing and sleeping better.

8. Count your calories


It’s not an easy habit that you can’t sustain in the long run, but it’s an excellent practice to start for a short period. For a month or for a week your health will gain by being aware of the amount of calories you’re consuming. It will also assist you to get rid of your soda, alcohol habit once you recognise how many the calories are you drinking! I could drink up all my calories every day if I didn’t pay attention.

9. Get a nutritious breakfast every day (maybe but not donuts, however)


Don’t be among those who don’t eat breakfast! Breakfast is important to gain the energy to get through your day. Also, no breakfast makes you feel hungry (hungry makes you angry). Yogurt, hard-boiled eggs and Granola bars… It’s really easy. Make it more nutritious than a donut every day, isn’t it?

10. Reduced only one beverage per day


In an effort to drink less sugar you began by reducing your beverage intake to just one per day. Start slowly by reducing your beverage intake and then make it a habit to drink only one or at max two per day.

Additionally, make a time to bed in order to have eight hours or more of rest. You should think about the time you’ll need to get early in the morning. Calculate according to that to get 8 hours of sleep. It’s your new time to sleep. Sleep is so important! Make it a top priority and establish a routine of going to bed around the time you’re sleeping every night.